When the Fed hikes, toys will fly, so get on with it – James Saft

September 4, 2015

Sept 4 (Reuters) – There’s a roughly one-in-three chance the
Federal Reserve hikes later this month and, guess what: the
stock market won’t like it.

Forget Wall St. analysis, mine Twitter for trades

September 2, 2015

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Investors might want to put aside all that Wall Street research and instead turn their eyes to Twitter.

Investment risks grow with China strong-arm tactics: James Saft

September 1, 2015

Sept 1 (Reuters) – The arrests and “confessions” will
continue, it seems, until Chinese stock market morale improves.

From China: quantitative tightening: James Saft

August 27, 2015

Aug 27 (Reuters) – Money is flowing out of China at a
quickening pace, leading to Beijing selling currency reserves in
what amounts to a global quantitative tightening.

Are hedge funds just pricey and passive?

August 26, 2015

Aug 26 (Reuters) – Investors in hedge funds are likely to be
paying for a product more like an index fund than a skill-driven
market beater.

Fed ‘put’ no cause for relief: James Saft

August 25, 2015

(James Saft is a Reuters columnist. The opinions expressed are his own)

By James Saft

(Reuters) – Future risk-adjusted returns look poor from here, but if the Federal Reserve deploys its safety net they will be worse still.

Fed, seeking to leave zero behind, grapples with Catch-22 -James Saft

August 20, 2015

Aug 20 (Reuters) – If we define a “Catch-22″ as being in
need of something that you can only get by not being in need of
it, then the Federal Reserve, mulling a rate hike off the zero
lower bound in September, is kind of caught.

EM will suffer no matter how China plays out: James Saft

August 13, 2015

Aug 13 (Reuters) – Almost however China chooses to play its
management of the yuan, emerging markets are going to feel
negative fallout.

Making an Alpha-bet or a human nature hedge

August 12, 2015

Aug 12 (Reuters) – Deciding if you want to bet on Alphabet
is essentially a choice on what you want to back: Sergey Brin
and Larry Page or human nature.

Global axis shifts as China reserves dwindle: James Saft

August 11, 2015

Aug 11 (Reuters) – China’s massive foreign currency reserves
are dwindling at a more than half-trillion-dollar annual pace, a
trend which may tighten global credit conditions.