Diminishing returns from financial deepening: James Saft

May 7, 2015

By James Saft

(Reuters) – Like so many things it is easy to get a taste for, beyond a certain point, financial development brings diminishing returns and rising costs.

Good for Bill Gross good for the gander?

May 6, 2015

By James Saft

(Reuters) – If credit is no longer working its magic on the economy and asset markets, why does Bill Gross think it will work in investor portfolios?

Bigger, de-globalizing world may be hostile for investors: James Saft

May 5, 2015

By James Saft

(Reuters) – The world is becoming a bigger, not a smaller place, a process financial markets and investors may not enjoy.

Keep your eye on wage pressures -James Saft

April 30, 2015

April 30 (Reuters) – Sure, much U.S. economic data has been
weak, and sure, we may see fallen leaves drifting in the streets
of Washington before the Federal Reserve actually hikes rates,
but the most important development this week may turn out to be
the rise in employment costs.

Activists good, bigger activists better

April 29, 2015

April 29 (Reuters) – Activist hedge funds, on the whole, do
good work, but the best results come from those with the deepest

Stock records tumble but earnings flatter, revenues flat: James Saft

April 23, 2015

By James Saft

(Reuters) – As U.S. company earnings rise and major stock market indices hit new heights, two small problems remain: revenues are static and the trajectory of earnings growth is slipping.

Mutual fund investors are their own worst enemies

April 22, 2015

By James Saft

(Reuters) – If the typical mutual fund investor were a racehorse there would be a humane veterinary argument for euthanasia.

Everyone (only) complains about bubbles: James Saft

April 16, 2015

By James Saft

(Reuters) – Bubbles are a bit like the weather: everyone complains but no one does anything about them.

GE points way for ‘too big to fail’ peers

April 15, 2015

By James Saft

(Reuters) – If shedding its financing arm did wonders for General Electric’s stock price, maybe too-big-to-fail bank peers like Citibank and JP Morgan should consider similar moves.

One hundred years of Mexico and euro risk: James Saft

April 14, 2015

April 14 (Reuters) – One hundred years is a long time to be
a lender to Mexico, as those who remember the 1980s, a decade
during which it was mostly in default, will tell you.