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Frog diplomacy


When he met Japan’s incoming prime minister, a football helmet was the catalyst for conservation . Then Washington’s envoy in Tokyo bonded with the next foreign minister over a frog.

GOLF-OPEN/Katsuya Okada, who is expected to be appointed as Japan’s next foreign minister this week, is a policy maven with a “Mr. Clean” image. He is also known in Japan as an avid collector of frog-related knick-knacks such as miniatures and soft toys.

When the new U.S. ambassador to Japan, John Roos, found out about Okada’s predilection for all things froggy, he clearly thought it would be an excellent icebreaker for a meeting between the two…although he stopped short of taking an actual frog to the rendezvous.

“I explained to him how I had started collecting frogs on my trip to Jerusalem and how I have been buying them whenever I see them on overseas trips,” Okada said.