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High-flying in Tokyo


Are you are a frequent flyer to Japan looking for a faster, more luxurious way to get to Tokyo from the airport? Hiring a Hermes helicopter may be the ticket for you.

When I travel overseas, the trip usually begins or ends with a bus ride, costing 2,900 yen ($27) to get to Narita International Airport. But for business executives flying across the world to sign multi-million dollar deals, a 75,000 yen ($720) helicopter ride may be an option worth considering.


Business travellers often complain about the 78 km trek between Tokyo and Narita. After a 12-hour flight from major cities like New York, Frankfurt or Paris, a 90-minute bus ride, at least, on a congested highway into Japan’s financial capital only adds to that fatigue.

But starting Sept. 16, high-flying travellers can choose a more convenient and stylish transport option to the city centre, if they have the yen — literally.