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Up, up, and away?


The race is on for the world’s tallest tower, pitting Japan against China and South Korea.

Tokyo’s Sky Tree Tower, now under construction, has upped its projected height by 24 meters to 634 metres, in hopes of toppling China’s Guangzhou TV & Sightseeing Tower – due to be completed this year at 610 meters (2001 ft).

The Tokyo team are not shy about the resasons. Asked at a press conference why the extra height was needed Tobu Tower Skytree President Kinya Miyasugi told us he wanted it to be “the tallest in the world”.


Tokyo is aiming at the tallest freestanding tower (pictured as an artist’s impression)  rather than the tallest manmade structure, which is set to be the 818 meter Burj Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.