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Skipping the taxi


Looking for extra motivation to walk away the pounds? Japan’s Happinet Toys is selling a pedometer that calculates how much money you save on taxi fares by walking as well as the calories you burn.

taxi walkerThe meter on the ”Taxi Walker” starts at 710 yen ($7.90) — the same as the initial fare for most Tokyo taxis and which covers the first 2 km  (1.2 miles). Once the user has walked more than 2 km, the pedometer tacks on 90 yen for each additional 280 meters.

Happinet says it’s recommended for anyone from thrifty housewives to businessmen who often take taxis — especially after going out for post-work drinks. You can read more about it here.

I gave the Taxi Walker a try and found that it adds a fun twist to what can be a mundane form of exercise.