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Brazil puts expats on notice with Chevron charges

* Charges against foreigners seen as politically driven

* Pay, lifestyle outweigh legal risks for most expats

* Immigration wave grows with oil boom

By Jeffrey Jones and Jeb Blount

CALGARY/RIO DE JANEIRO, March 27(Reuters) – Brazilian
criminal charges against energy industry employees over an oil
spill have made foreign workers leery of new legal risks, but so
far concerns seem to be outweighed by the lure of good-paying
jobs and a famously laid-back lifestyle.

The big question among expatriates is whether last week’s
charges against Chevron Corp, Transocean and
17 of their staff are political grandstanding in a country
actively seeking foreign expertise to help develop its newfound
oil riches, or a real risk of doing hard time.

Mar 26, 2012
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