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Jul 17, 2014

Three Israelis charged with revenge murder of Palestinian teen

JERUSALEM (Reuters) – First they removed the baby seat to make room in the car, and then three Israelis searched for an Arab to kidnap and kill to avenge the deaths of three Jewish teenagers, according to a murder indictment released on Thursday.

Mohammed Abu Khudair’s death stoked Palestinian street protests in Jerusalem and in Israeli Arab villages, and served as a trigger for warfare between Israel and rocket-firing militants in the Gaza Strip now in its 10th day.

Jul 16, 2014

Israel targets top Hamas leader as cease-fire collapses

GAZA/JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Israel resumed its air strikes in the Gaza Strip on Wednesday a day after holding its fire in deference to an Egyptian-proposed cease-fire deal that failed to get Hamas militants to halt rocket attacks.

Attacks in the Gaza Strip killed at least three Palestinians in the early hours of Wednesday and destroyed the house of Mahmoud Zahar – who is believed to be in hiding elsewhere – in the first apparent targeting of a top Hamas political leader.

Jul 15, 2014

Israel, Palestinians battle as Egyptian-proposed Gaza ceasefire collapses

GAZA/JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Israel resumed air strikes in the Gaza Strip on Tuesday, six hours after agreeing to an Egyptian-proposed truce that failed to halt Hamas rocket attacks.

“Hamas has fired 47 rockets since we suspended our strikes in Gaza (this morning). As a result, we have resumed our operation against Hamas,” an Israeli military statement said.

Jul 9, 2014

Gaza rockets land deep in Israel as it bombards Palestinian enclave

GAZA/JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Israeli air strikes shook Gaza every few minutes on Wednesday, and militants kept up rocket fire at Israel’s heartland in intensifying warfare that Palestinian officials said has killed at least 38 people in the Hamas-dominated enclave.

Missiles from the Iron Dome defence system shot into the sky to intercept rockets launched, for the second straight day, at Tel Aviv, the country’s commercial capital.

Jul 9, 2014

Hamas rockets land deep in Israel as it bombards Gaza Strip

GAZA/JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Militants in Gaza fired more rockets at Tel Aviv on Wednesday, targeting Israel’s heartland after Israeli attacks in the enclave that Palestinian officials said have killed at least 27 people.

No casualties were reported in the rocket barrages, on the second day of an intensified Israeli offensive in the Hamas-dominated Gaza Strip. Missiles from Israel’s Iron Dome defence system shot into the sky to intercept the projectiles.

Jul 8, 2014

Israel steps up Gaza offensive after surge in rocket fire

GAZA/JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Israel bombarded the Gaza Strip on Tuesday in strikes that Palestinian officials said killed at least 11 people, stepping up what threatens to become a long-term offensive against Islamist group Hamas after scores of rockets hit Israeli towns.

After the worst outbreak of violence along the Gaza frontier since an eight-day war in 2012, the Israeli military said a ground invasion of the enclave was possible, though not imminent, and urged citizens within a range of 40 km (24 miles) of the coastal territory to stay close to bomb shelters.

Jul 7, 2014

Six Jewish suspects arrested over death of Palestinian teenager

JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Israel has arrested six Jewish suspects in the abduction and killing of a Palestinian teenager whose death sparked violent protests in Jerusalem and Israeli Arab towns, a security source said on Sunday.

Tensions were also high along the Gaza border where Israel killed two Palestinian militants and wounded a third in one of about a dozen air strikes in response to rocket fire at southern Israeli towns. Hospital officials confirmed the fatalities, and the Israeli military confirmed it had bombed central Gaza.

Jul 6, 2014

Israeli aircraft attack 10 targets in Gaza: military

JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Israel said its aircraft had attacked 10 sites in the Gaza Strip on Sunday in response to rocket strikes, but Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu signalled that broader action in the Palestinian enclave was not imminent.

In remarks to his cabinet on Sunday, Netanyahu pledged “to do whatever is necessary” to restore quiet to southern Israeli communities that have come under rocket attack. But he also cautioned against any rush toward wider confrontation with the Hamas Islamist group, the dominant force in the Gaza Strip.

Jul 3, 2014

Israel boosts forces near Gaza as border heats up

JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Israel beefed up its forces along its frontier with the Gaza Strip and launched air strikes against militant Hamas targets there on Thursday in response to Palestinian cross-border rocket attacks.

Israel also faced a second day of violent Palestinian protests in Jerusalem after the discovery of the body of a 16-year-old Palestinian boy on Wednesday in a forest near the city.

Jul 3, 2014

Israeli air strikes, Palestinian rockets heat up Gaza border

JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Israeli air strikes wounded 15 people in the Gaza Strip on Thursday, local residents said, and militants kept up rocket fire on Israel, damaging two homes, in rising border tensions following the death of a Palestinian youth.

Violent Arab protests erupted on Wednesday after the body of the 16-year-old Palestinian boy was discovered in Jerusalem, possibly the victim of a revenge killing following the deaths of three Israeli teenagers that the Jewish state has blamed on Hamas militants in the occupied West Bank.

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