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Dec 3, 2014

Sony investigators find links to North Korea in hack probe

By Jim Finkle

(Reuters) – Hackers used tools in a devastating cyber attack on Sony Pictures Entertainment that were based on ones used in similar attacks conducted against South Korea by North Korea, a person familiar with the company’s investigation said on Wednesday.

The person, who was not authorized to publicly discuss Sony’s probe into the attack which is being led by FireEye’s Mandiant forensics unit, said that investigators made the connection to North Korea as they reviewed evidence left by the hackers.

Dec 2, 2014
Dec 2, 2014

North Korea, other nations among suspects in Sony hack: U.S. source

WASHINGTON/BOSTON (Reuters) – U.S. investigators are considering multiple suspects, including North Korea, in their investigation into a cyber attack on Sony Pictures Entertainment that knocked out the company’s computer systems for over a week, according to a U.S. national security official with knowledge of the investigation.

The official, who asked to remain anonymous, told Reuters on Tuesday that the forensic investigation is in its early stages, and that no clear suspects have emerged.

Dec 2, 2014

Iran hackers targeted airlines, energy firms -report

BOSTON, Dec 2 (Reuters) – Iranian hackers have infiltrated
some of the world’s top energy, transport and infrastructure
companies over the past two years in a campaign that could allow
them to eventually cause physical damage, according to U.S.
cyber security firm Cylance.

Aerospace firms, airports and airlines, universities, energy
firms, hospitals, and telecommunications operators based in the
United States, Israel, China, Saudi Arabia, India, Germany,
France, England have been hit by the campaign, the research firm
said, without naming individual companies.

Dec 2, 2014

Iran hackers target airlines, energy, defense companies: researchers

BOSTON (Reuters) – Iranian hackers have infiltrated major airlines, energy companies, and defense firms around the globe over the past two years in a campaign that could eventually cause physical damage, according to U.S. cyber security firm Cylance.

The report comes as governments scramble to better understand the extent of Iran’s cyber capabilities, which researchers say have grown rapidly as Tehran seeks to retaliate for Western cyber attacks on its nuclear program.

Dec 2, 2014
Dec 2, 2014

Exclusive: FBI warns of ‘destructive’ malware in wake of Sony attack

BOSTON (Reuters) – The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation warned U.S. businesses that hackers have used malicious software to launch destructive attacks in the United States, following a devastating cyber attack last week at Sony Pictures Entertainment.

The five-page, confidential “flash” warning issued to businesses late on Monday provided some technical details about the malicious software that was used in the attack, though it did not name the victim.

Dec 1, 2014
Dec 1, 2014
Dec 1, 2014

Cyber ring stole secrets for gaming U.S. stock market – FireEye

BOSTON (Reuters) – Security researchers say they have uncovered a cyber espionage ring focused on stealing corporate secrets for the purpose of gaming the stock market, in an operation that has compromised sensitive data about dozens of publicly held companies.

Cybersecurity firm FireEye Inc, which disclosed the operation on Monday, said that since the middle of last year, the group has attacked email accounts at more than 100 firms, most of them pharmaceutical and healthcare companies.

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