Comments on: Why doesn’t unemployment create more crime? Wed, 13 Apr 2016 01:13:45 +0000 hourly 1 By: paintcan Sun, 05 Feb 2012 14:28:19 +0000 Once again OOTs is a monument to pompous, selfish stupidity.

You are not really interested in society’s survival – only your own.

People like you would do all social engineering, like their very dishonest and corrupt warfare, by remote control.

If the planet listened to people like you – it would be doomed and it would deserve its fate. It would not be a civilization at all but a world of the bunkered and frightened against the very desperate. The tragedy is that so many of them are very young and you are very old.

Perhaps that movie a few years ago “The Children of Men” was an accurate portrait of the future after all? It was the world on the edge of it’s own extinction.

BTW – to the author – I was reading last night in the local shoppers weekly that there was a burglary spree affecting several towns in this area. Someone isn’t reporting the crime statistics accurately. Violent crime may be down – but robberies of abandoned or vacant property were, and probably still are, way up. Two middle aged white men (this is a predominantly white state as far as I can tell) are the principal suspects so far, but the police aren’t sure if they are responsible for all the burglaries.

An economy of money chasing money among fewer and fewer affluent people isn’t much of an economy at all. It is why the housing market is and will remain in the pits. Wealth itself will lose its effectiveness at providing the stability and blessings of a “civilization”.

By: roughman Fri, 20 Jan 2012 16:06:26 +0000 Could the increase in concealed weapons permits for honest citizens have anything to do with it?

By: OneOfTheSheep Wed, 18 Jan 2012 17:51:05 +0000 “Long-term, chronic unemployment for young men with few prospects and little shape to their lives strikes me as a big challenge to a trend of declining crime.” Yes, and it is the uneducated, the unmotivated, the unskilled, the unneeded that breed fastest.

Of COURSE criminality in the world” is “leaping ahead”. One follows the other as night follows day. If civilized society is to survive it may soon be necessary to put something in the water so that financial capability and responsibility must be established before procreation is possible.