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Be careful posting stuff like that too often… The men in black might come and get you.

By: Billyfrumusa Fri, 11 Jul 2014 15:35:24 +0000 I’m not too spoiled and I work hard, in other words I do not have a US government job or government contract. I am completely upset that a secret court, which one judge, a true patriot, resigned from in protest, can allow stalinist style spying on Americans. This will not go away with most hard working Americans, and will have an effect politically. The hog at the trough crowd will allow whatever as long as the trough remains overflowing to them; this crowd is most US government entities and agents and their surrogates in the various forms that US surrogates exist, like state government, government contractors, and those who receive a check from the US government for whatever the reason.

Those in marketing started this with their spying and cookies; the public went along. The NSA simply took advantage, and with a secret court to back them up, an UnAmerican notion that needs to be smashed is now saddled upon us!

Our leaders are no more than hogs at the trough, lacking the courage to stand up for American ideas, enslaved to the international corporations and foreign entities (Europe{Germany} and China) and lets not overlook the international banks who dictate to our Federal Reserve, they are really not banks anymore.

dd608’s post is nothing more than swill which is a nice narrative to make the hogs at the trough feel good. dd608, you need to change your screen name since you are obviously a government hog, and I am sure you will since you are weak, like your post, weak with a stink!!

By: dd606 Thu, 10 Jul 2014 18:45:37 +0000 When it comes to who has my best interest… If I have to choose between government officials, given power by democratically elected politicians… vs: People who make a living by selling ad and commercial space? Yeah, sorry… I’m going with the first one.

Much of the public is apparently convinced that the government is out to get them. I don’t see it personally, but OK… Whatever. However, for those same people to then completely trust people who’s livelihood depends on selling people information… That makes no sense. The media has somehow managed to project this illusion for a very long time now, that they are this collective group of superheroes… all working for the common good of mankind. When in reality, they’re a bunch of people working for a corporation, looking to make a profit any way possible.

We elect people and those people then give power to others, who have the large and difficult responsibility, of using that power in our best interest. That’s no easy task. For the most part, I think they do a decent job, all things considered. For better or worse, that’s the system. And at least it IS a system. Which is a lot more than many nations have. For all the whining about things like NSA… I’ve yet to see any evidence whatsoever, that an average citizen’s life, was somehow damaged by the actions of the NSA. Which only makes sense, since it’s hard to believe that tens of thousands of people working for the NSA, get up each day and say to themselves… “Gee, how can I screw over my fellow countrymen today”. I however HAVE seen great evidence, that terrorists, and people in many other nations, have damaged the lives of fellow countrymen. So until that changes, I place my faith in the people who have been given the power to do what they do, and do the best they can to protect us. It’s not perfect, but it’s gotten us this far, which isn’t bad. Unfortunately, many Americans are too spoiled to see it that way.

By: BidnisMan Thu, 10 Jul 2014 11:43:52 +0000 So you want an oversight committee of the surveillance community. That would not work well as those elected to it would no doubt be well funded by those whose interests are aligned with building a replica of Orwell’s 1984 in America. Rather, I think there should be full disclosure after 10 years of all documentation relating to surveillance of Americans (and obviously a ban on document purging and censoring).