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Nov 13, 2012
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Dancing away the violence


Meta, Colombia

By John Vizcaino

The last time I was in Colombia’s Meta Province was to photograph 35 body bags containing the remains of rebels killed in clashes with the Army. That was last March, and for years before that nearly all the news we covered in Meta had to do with violence.

This time was different. What brought me to Meta was the Joropera dance festival in the village of Acacias. I wanted to show the cultural richness in this village affected by the conflict for so many years.

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      "John Vizcaino began his photography career with Colombia’s biggest daily newspaper, El Tiempo, where he was a staff photographer for ten years. He joined Reuters in 2008, and since then has been covering the armed conflict and the drug war, as well as general news and sports. He recently participated in the photography biennial of Bogota as one of the featured photographers."
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