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Mar 4, 2013
Mar 1, 2013
Mar 1, 2013
Feb 14, 2013
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Love at first byte: Tech co-founders meet through dating sites







Gina Lujan did not meet her Hacker Lab co-founders the usual way. They were not
childhood friends. They did not launch their business from their Harvard dorm
room, or at incubators like Y Combinator or TechStars.

Lujan first met Charles Blas and Eric Ullrich after they responded to her personal ad
on Craigslist that read: “seeking all hackers and enthusiasts – where are you?”

Dec 19, 2012
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Small businesses face holiday expense filing crunch

While many of us are making merry, it’s hardly the most wonderful time of the year for the accounting staffs at many small businesses.

A rush by employees to submit their expense claims so they can be reimbursed before the holidays, makes today the busiest expense-filing day of the year, according to data from online accounting services firm Concur (NASDAQ: CNQR).

Dec 10, 2012
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Entrepreneur, VC offers shortcuts to help startups be more successful


Image courtesy of Mark Hopkins.

Suggesting there are shortcuts entrepreneurs can take to improve their chances of success would appear to refute Malcolm Gladwell’s popular “10,000 hours” theory.

But instead of picking a fight with the “Outliers” author, entrepreneur and fund manager Mark Hopkins is just trying to be provocative to get people to pick up his own book: “Shortcut to Prosperity: 10 Entrepreneurial Habits and a Roadmap For An Exceptional Career”.

Dec 3, 2012
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Loans, optimism scarce for most small businesses

For entrepreneur Maurice Lopes, the plight of today’s small business owner is epitomized by a cartoon that depicts a bunch of people staring through the window of a bank, while a policeman swings a club to try to get them to disperse.

Lopes said the punch line read: “What’s the matter? Never seen somebody get a loan before?”

Nov 16, 2012
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Small business owners “nervous” about looming fiscal cliff

Eric Blinderman, who had to shut down his two upscale New York restaurants for a week in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, said the approaching fiscal cliff could mean a “double whammy” for his business heading into the busy holiday season.

With a package of $500 billion in tax increases and spending cuts set to come into effect on January 1 if President Obama and Congress fail to agree on an extension or reach an alternate deal, small business owners like Blinderman will be hit with additional costs that could seriously impact their bottom line and ability to grow.

Oct 31, 2012
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Employers hold the hammer when it comes to office politics


As an extremely close election race heads into its final days, offices across the country will become political hotbeds. But employees should remember that the freedom to express your political beliefs is mostly a one-way street that favors the employer.

In nearly every state in the nation bosses have the right to fire their employees if they don’t approve of their politics. On the other hand, workers have little recourse when their employer tries to intimidate them to vote a certain way.

Oct 18, 2012
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Small business owners feeling glum about economy: poll

President Barack Obama called them the “engines of growth” in a debate this week against Mitt Romney, but small businesses are feeling decidedly glum about the broader economy and more than half of them have no plans to hire anytime soon.

Just a third of small businesses say they are optimistic the economy will improve this year, down from 61 percent who felt the same way last spring, showed a new survey by The Hartford insurance group released on Thursday.

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