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Oct 12, 2012
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Spain’s pain


By Jon Nazca


I have taken a look back through the archives for the first pictures illustrating the crisis in Spain. It was a story about a protest of goat herders and farmers in Malaga in May 2008. They protested with their goats to demand measures from the government to solve the crisis they were facing.

Months later, Spanish truck drivers protested against the rising fuel costs paralyzing the country for several days.

Jun 13, 2011
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Smurf village comes to life


The town of Juzcar is located in the valley of the Genal river, in Andalusia, in southern Spain. Its mountainous landscape is home to about 15 towns surrounded by trees such as oaks, pines and, mainly, chestnut trees, which are one of the economic bases of many of these towns. Sony Pictures chose Juzcar to host an event to promote its new release “The Smurfs 3D”. There was only one catch: all the houses in the village would have to be painted in Smurf blue! Nearly all the 250 inhabitants accepted and were thrilled as they saw it as an economic opportunity and good for tourism. Only one house in the village would remain white, as its owner didn’t want it painted.

I really wanted to know why Sony chose Juzcar and not another town. I am familiar with the town and its surroundings, as I live only 26 km (16 miles) away. On the way to the village, I pretended I was from Sony and was going to visit the area. To go by car is not easy, it has a charming but narrow and winding road. I became completely absorbed by the natural surroundings. Suddenly everything seemed like the Smurf cartoons, with their villages hidden in the woods.