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Jul 10, 2013

Police boost number of Quebec disaster missing and dead to 60

LAC-MEGANTIC, Quebec (Reuters) – The number of people dead or missing after an oil-tanker train exploded in the Quebec town of Lac-Megantic has risen to 60 from 50, police said on Wednesday, as 200 investigators sifted through the charred wreckage of what they said is a crime scene.

The runaway train derailed and blew up in the middle of the town of 6,000 near the Maine border early on Saturday morning, flattening dozens of buildings in Lac-Megantic’s historic downtown and leaving it looking like a war zone.

Jul 10, 2013

Police sift through ‘crime scene’ days after Quebec train crash

LAC-MEGANTIC, Quebec (Reuters) – Investigators sifted through the charred remains of Lac-Megantic’s historic downtown early Wednesday morning, as they searched for clues into what could turn out to be North America’s worst railway disaster since 1989.

Police said they are investigating whether Saturday’s derailment and subsequent explosion – which leveled the center of the lakeside Quebec town killing at least 15 and probably dozens more – involved foul play or criminal negligence.

Jul 10, 2013

Quebec police open criminal probe after deadly train crash

LAC-MEGANTIC, Quebec (Reuters) – Canadian police on Tuesday said they had opened a criminal investigation into the train explosion that likely killed 50 people in Lac-Megantic, and some 200 officers were scouring the town’s devastated center for clues.

Inspector Michel Forget said police did not believe terrorism was involved when a runaway train hauling 72 cars of crude oil barreled into town early on Saturday, derailed on a curve and exploded into a huge fireball that destroyed the center of the lakeside community.

Jul 9, 2013

Quest for answers starts in deadly Canada rail crash

LAC-MEGANTIC, Quebec (Reuters) – Investigators seeking the cause of the deadly train crash in the tiny Quebec town of Lac-Megantic, were focusing Tuesday on the train’s brakes, the railway company’s own regulations and whether Canada needs tougher train-transport standards.

Officials from the Transportation Safety Board of Canada said more than a dozen investigators were examining every angle of the accident, in which a runaway train hauling 72 cars of crude oil plowed into the lakeside town and exploded.

Jul 9, 2013

Residents of Quebec town allowed to go home after train disaster

LAC-MEGANTIC, Quebec, July 9 (Reuters) – Authorities in the
severely damaged Quebec town of Lac-Megantic said some residents
could start returning home on Tuesday, three days after a
runaway train derailed and exploded, killing up to 50 people.

“I have excellent news to announce this morning,” Mayor
Colette Roy-Laroche told reporters as she announced that around
1,200 of the 2,000 people who were evacuated due to the disaster
could go home. The town has 6,000 people.

Jul 9, 2013

Shell-shocked residents eager to return home in Quebec town

LAC-MEGANTIC, Quebec (Reuters) – Three days after a runaway train derailed and exploded in the downtown core of Lac-Megantic, many residents of the Quebec tourist town are still waiting for answers about missing loved ones, while others are just impatient to return home.

With the fires now out and the authorities finally able to access the epicenter of the blasts, the death toll is expected to climb and many of the town’s evacuated residents will finally be allowed back to assess the damage.

Jul 8, 2013

Corrected: Five die, 40 missing after Canadian freight train disaster

LAC-MEGANTIC, Quebec (Reuters) – At least five people died and 40 were missing on Sunday after a runaway train carrying crude oil exploded and destroyed the center of a small Canadian town in a disaster that raises fresh questions about shipping oil by rail.

The train had been hauling crude from North Dakota to eastern Canada, and was parked, without a driver, outside town when it began rolling downhill, gathering speed and derailing on a curve at 1 a.m. (0500 GMT) on Saturday.

Jul 8, 2013

Fire was doused on train before it smashed into Quebec town

LAC-MEGANTIC, Quebec, July 8 (Reuters) – A driverless,
runaway fuel train that exploded in a deadly ball of flames in
the center of a small Quebec town started rumbling down an empty
track just minutes after a fire crew had extinguished a blaze in
one of its parked locomotives, an eyewitness said on Monday.

The train rolled 12 km (8 miles) from the town of Nantes to
the town of Lac-Megantic, near the Maine border in eastern
Quebec, gathering speed on a downhill grade. It derailed in the
middle of Lac-Megantic early on Saturday and blew up, flattening
dozens of buildings and killing five people. Another 40 are
missing, feared dead.

Jul 8, 2013

Police struggle to probe Quebec blast; cause still a mystery

LAC-MEGANTIC, Quebec, July 8 (Reuters) – Canadian police on
Monday struggled to find the remains of people killed when a
driverless crude oil train derailed and blew up in a small
Quebec town over the weekend as questions grew over how the
disaster had occurred.

The five locomotives and 72 oil cars had been parked about
eight miles from Lac-Megantic on Friday night. The brakes then
somehow released and the train gathered pace as it rolled down a
hill into the center of the town early on Saturday morning.

Jul 7, 2013

Runaway train devastates small town in Quebec

LAC-MEGANTIC, Quebec (Reuters) – The only warning Lac-Megantic residents had of the coming disaster was the louder-than-usual rumble of a train – a runaway locomotive laden with crude oil that would jump the tracks, explode and burn down the center of town.

“I heard a rattle, louder than usual, so I went out on the balcony and I saw the train going at extremely high speed,” said Ghislain Bisson, 52, who was watching late-night television as the train approached. “Then, I saw it. It just left the track and headed right for the building.

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