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Dec 9, 2010
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IMF 101

The International Monetary Fund was created at Bretton Woods in July of 1944, toward the end of WWII.  It is one of two Bretton Woods Institutions along with the World Bank. U.S. President Roosevelt asked 44 different governments to attend the Bretton Woods conference so that they could draw up a plan to make sure that there would never be another Great Depression.

The below video shows delegates arriving at the resort in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

Oct 25, 2010
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Empowering the poor to be breadwinners

Samasource, a non-profit that connects people living in poverty to work via the Internet provides a different kind of economic aid. The founder of the organization, Leila Janah, who is also 2010 PopTech social innovation fellow, says that instead of just giving money and help to the poor, Samasource empowers them to be producers so that they are not forced to simply be receivers and consumers.

“There’s a new paradigm that’s an alternative to aid,” Janah says. “Aid is not necessarily the best solution for poor people. We spend a hundred billion a year on stuff that we know very little about — there’s very little transparency in the foreign aid world — and it has a perverse effect on small economies.”