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The mission, charter, and stated goals of Arizona State University make no mention of athletics. Here a link to the University President’s statement: er
Yet the athletic director, an ex player’s agent and NFL executive, repeatedly states: “… dollars and cents will drive decisions …” a wide variety of college athletics issues.

The interview host, Rick Horrow, the CEO of Horrow Sports, cites in his introduction: ” … the 750 Billion dollar business of sports …” The simple fact is that football and basketball have perverted the missions of almost all colleges, high schools, and many lower schools in America. The financial rewards for success have corrupted student athletes, their families, and our institutions of learning, high and low. The commitment of our schools to athletics has nothing to do with their mission. It serves rather to subsidize professional sports, to compromise the education of the gifted athletes, and to misdirect the attention of all students away from what is important in their education.

The bowl games represent the pinnacle of “amateur” athletic success, the big pay-off for the most successful. It is pay-offs which provide schools the means to pay professional coaches and staff and to make the mortgage payments on their stadiums. In this, our great colleges and university have become gamblers who are, for the most part, in hock. So expect fewer bowl games, not because the subvert the missions of our schools, but because of ” … dollars and cents …”

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“Hirer Education”,