Keeping Score

Why college football playoff could expand

October 23, 2015

University of Oklahoma Athletic Director Joe Castiglione explains why he believes the four-team NCAA Division I Football Bowl Subdivision playoff could grow to six or eight teams. He also talks about the “self-sustaining” nature of his department and the importance of keeping the focus on student-athletes. Plus, hear my thoughts on the NBA’s effort to expand globally and how Las Vegas continues to push for an NHL team in this week’s edition of Keeping Score.

$400 million pit stop for Daytona International Speedway

October 16, 2015

Daytona International Speedway President Joie Chitwood talks about the three-year effort to upgrade the historic facility and keep fans coming to the track instead of watching the big race at home. Watch the video below or click on the audio version which is part of my podcast Keeping Score. The audio version also includes my thoughts on the business of Major League Baseball as the playoffs continue, as well as the money flowing to the English Premier League.

Larry Lucchino: A Baseball Life

October 8, 2015

The former executive with the Baltimore Orioles, San Diego Padres, and Boston Red Sox discusses his career in sports and the challenges he faced. He also talks about the importance of having a successful team in the front office and the growth of the game overseas.  Plus, hear my thoughts on a change coming to the home court of the Boston Celtics and which MLB playoff team has the highest social media score in this week’s Keeping Score.

Shakes, urine tests and the Miami Dolphins

October 2, 2015

Miami Dolphins and Sun Life Stadium CEO Tom Garfinkel on the sports science involved in keeping players at their peak. Plus he discusses what it takes to bring the organization to London for this week’s game and his experience working in Major League Baseball. I also share my thoughts on the growing role of technology in the dugout and on the sidelines and the competition for the 2024 Olympic games in this week’s Keeping Score.

How to develop more U.S. tennis stars

September 24, 2015

Tennis Hall of Famer Butch Buchholz gives his prescription for making Americans more competitive in professional tennis. Plus, he details his role in developing the professional game and growing the sport. I also give my take on the growing fantasy sports business and the potential expansion of the NHL in this week’s Keeping Score.

Can the NFL finally tackle Europe?

September 18, 2015

Executive Vice President of NFL International Mark Waller talks about the growth of American football outside the U.S. especially in the United Kingdom, which he says is the ideal spot to host games. He also shares what the league is learning from playing overseas and which countries it would like to move into. Plus, hear my thoughts on the business moves of the Chicago Cubs and the potential for Africa to become a player in the global business of sports. Check out this week’s episode of Keeping Score.

The Serena Williams effect at the U.S. Open

September 11, 2015

U.S. Open Chief Revenue Officer Lew Sherr talks about the impact Serena Williams is having on this year’s tennis tournament. She is trying to become only the fourth women’s player to win all four major tournaments in the same year. He also talks about the importance of the $550 million renovation of the National Tennis Center and how the United States Tennis Association is trying to grow the sport. Plus hear my thoughts on the rising value of NHL franchises and a novel way to improve the fan experience in this week’s episode of Keeping Score.

Pac-12 Networks score in China

September 4, 2015

Pac-12 Networks President Lydia Murphy-Stephans discusses the launch of the college sports television network and multimedia company and its effort to televise basketball games in China. She also explains the business model and how changing viewing patterns will impact the delivery of content. Plus, hear my thoughts on the growth of sports streaming to phones and tablets and the length of Major League Baseball games in this week’s episode of Keeping Score.

Six years, $1 billion paper profit. That’s the NFL, baby.

August 28, 2015

Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross talks about the skyrocketing valuation of his NFL franchise. He also compares owning a team to owning a real estate business and I give my take on sports and social media on this week’s edition of Keeping Score.

Podcast: Tennis Channel is a thriving racket

August 21, 2015

Tennis Channel CEO Ken Solomon discusses the diversity of his audience and how the network has grown over the past 10 years. He also talks about the state of the sport and the challenges of producing more than 7,000 hours of coverage each year. Plus, hear my thoughts on the rising cost of a Super Bowl ad and a potential new sports league in the sky in this week’s episode of Keeping Score.