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Apr 17, 2012

Appeal of organic products seeps into wine industry

NEW YORK, April 17 (Reuters) – The popularity of
farm-to-table restaurants and organic produce is seeping into
the wine industry as more producers adopt green practices.

But their motives for making organic, sustainable and
biodynamic wine may be more personal than business, although the
practices also improve the quality of the wines.

Apr 10, 2012

When it comes to war, beer beats silver and gold

By Leslie Gevirtz

(Reuters) – The Dutch drank their way to victory and independence from Spain in 1648 through the taxes they paid on beer, according to a report in the April issue of the Journal of American Association of Wine Economists.

Economists Koen Deconinck of the University of Leuven and Johann Swinnen of Stanford University wrote that taxes on beer “played a crucial role in financing the revolt … (and) were the single largest revenue source” for the outnumbered and outgunned Dutch, who were facing “the mightiest empire on earth.”

Mar 19, 2012

In the pink with new rosé Port wine

NEW YORK (Reuters) – In a bid to reverse a decade-long slide in sales, some producers of Port wine have gone pink.

They have given the sweet red or amber colored Portuguese fortified wine, which is traditionally sipped as an accompaniment to the cheese course or dessert, a makeover with a lighter rosé version that is 20 percent alcohol.

Mar 16, 2012

Cashing in on 19th century champagne, 11 bottles for sale

By Leslie Gevirtz

(Reuters) – Like smart investors who dispose of their stocks, the government of Aland, a string of islands off the coast of Finland, is selling 11 bottles of antique Champagne from a cache of 145 found at the bottom of the Baltic Sea.

Divers from Aland stumbled across the Champagne and beer while exploring a shipwreck in July 2010. The owner of the vessel and its destination remain unknown, but the sunken craft and its cargo now belong to the government of Aland.

Mar 9, 2012

French vintners slowly make friends with Facebook

March 9 (Reuters) – French wineries, like over-tired
children, are kicking and screaming but slowly making their way
onto social media, a survey released this week found.

The survey of 528 wineries in the United States and France
conducted by ABLE Social Media Marketing found that while 94
percent of U.S. vintners were on Facebook, only 53 percent of
their French counterparts were.

Feb 22, 2012

Pawnshops for prosperous accept wine as collateral

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Some U.S. pawnbrokers are taking liquid assets – literally.

Along with family jewels and fine art they will accept wines as collateral for loans to help ease cash shortages of businesses and people on all rungs of the economic ladder.

Feb 22, 2012

Wine cache rescues those short of cash

NEW YORK, Feb 22 (Reuters) – Some U.S. pawnbrokers are
taking liquid assets – literally.

Fine wines are among the items they will accept as
collateral for loans, along with family jewels and fine art, as
a practice common in Britain and France catches on across the

Feb 7, 2012

Bubbly and chocolate duet for Valentine’s day

NEW YORK, Feb 7 (Reuters) – Champagne, sparkling wine
and chocolates are a favorite pairing to celebrate Valentine’s
Day, despite warnings from experts that the two do not go well

Sales of bubbly rise with the approach of Cupid’s big day on
Feb. 14, according to the research and data company Nielsen, so
romantics and even some winemakers are convinced that with the
right choices the two could be a winning combination.

Jan 31, 2012

Chardonnay marks 100th birthday of growth in U.S.

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Chardonnay, the world’s most popular white wine, dates back centuries, but it owes much of its history in the United States to a winemaker who planted the grape in California 100 years ago.

Ernest Wente, of the family-owned Wente Vineyards east of San Francisco, brought cuttings from Montpelier, France in 1912 and planted them in California.

Jan 17, 2012

Drinkers of fake Pinot Noir get a break from sour grapes

By Leslie Gevirtz

(Reuters) – Looks like E&J Gallo wines and Constellation Brands Inc, which produces Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi, will be buying more than a round this spring for lot of wine drinkers.

A California judge has tentatively approved a class-action settlement entitling many wine drinkers to a refund nearly a year after a dozen Frenchmen were convicted of selling fake Pinot Noir to the two companies, who then bottled it under various brands and sold it in the United States.