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Sep 21, 2011
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The rich respond to Obama’s “Buffett Rule”


Once the debt ceiling rancor faded, financial gurus and observers had little reason to think debate on taxing the wealthy would ignite again before Nov. 23. That’s when the 12-member congressional super committee issues its recommendations on finding at least $1.2 trillion in deficit reduction.

Then came President Obama’s announcement on Monday of the “Buffett Rule,” a plan to raise taxes on American households making more than $1 million annually. Suddenly, the millionaires who support such a plan — like Warren Buffett himself — had cause for hope after many months of anti-tax furor and tax hike inaction.

Sep 20, 2011
Sep 20, 2011
Sep 20, 2011
via Reuters Money

Spending less could make recession a “self-fulfilling prophecy”: Analysts


Mark and Kathy Swezy of Englewood, Colorado embody what many Americans would call a rock-solid work ethic. Mark is a full-time purchasing manager at JoaQuin Manufacturing, while Kathy splits her time between her own graphic design business and a job at Nosh Nest, a high-end cookware and food shop in downtown Denver, Colorado.

Yet to hear Kathy Swezy tell it, the last two months have meant belt tightening on top of more belt tightening. “Over the last 60 days it’s been a little bit better, because I’m starting to get more graphic design work — but I really had to cut my rates, too,” she says. “So I’ve been buying school clothes at thrift stores, I’m using outdated software,and basically we don’t go out to dinner much at all.”

Sep 19, 2011
Sep 19, 2011
Sep 16, 2011
Sep 9, 2011
Sep 9, 2011

What the Bank of America shakeup means for you

NEW YORK (Reuters) – The recent executive shakeup at Bank of America followed by reports of massive layoffs at the bank may leave you wondering what the turmoil means for you – either as a client of the banking colossus and Merrill Lynch, the brokerage firm it owns, or as a shareholder.

As experts ponder these moves – which include the departure of Sallie Krawcheck, head of the bank’s wealth management unit and Merrill’s public face – they see a rocky period in the days ahead for the company’s shareholders, but not necessarily its clients.

Sep 8, 2011
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