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Apr 2, 2015

Reporting Iran talks: stampedes, dirty shirts and $72 cocktails

LAUSANNE, Switzerland (Reuters) – Hundreds of journalists have been crammed into a pair of large lounges at a 19th century hotel for over a week now, eager for any scrap of information on closed door negotiations between Iran and six world powers on Tehran’s nuclear program.

Reporters from dozens of American, European, Israeli and Iranian television outlets are confined to the press rooms, which have becoming increasingly filthy after seven days of deadlocked negotiations. Most Iranian reporters are in one room, with Western, Chinese and Arabic teams in the other.

Apr 2, 2015

Iran talks stretch into another day; deal seen close but elusive

LAUSANNE, Switzerland (Reuters) – Major powers and Iran stretched marathon talks on Tehran’s nuclear program into a second day past their deadline, with diplomats saying prospects for a preliminary agreement were finely balanced between success and collapse in the coming hours.

The negotiations, aimed at blocking Iran’s capacity to build a nuclear bomb in exchange for lifting sanctions, have become bogged down over crucial details of the accord, even as the broad outlines of an agreement have been reached.

Apr 1, 2015

Despite progress, Iran nuclear talks hit impasse on details

LAUSANNE, Switzerland, April 1 (Reuters) – Major powers and
Iran were closer to a preliminary accord on Tehran’s nuclear
programme as marathon talks ran into Wednesday, but were stuck
over key details such as lifting U.N. sanctions and Iran’s
future atomic research.

After missing a self-imposed March 31 deadline for a deal,
the negotiators ended talks in the Swiss city of Lausanne in the
early morning hours with an air of chaos, disunity and cacophony
as delegations scrambled to get contradictory viewpoints across.

Apr 1, 2015

Ancient battle on UN Security Council ‘trigger’ bogs down Iran talks

LAUSANNE, Switzerland (Reuters) – It is one of those concepts that is particularly odious to Russia — an automatic trigger mechanism under which the U.N. Security Council would be forced to do something.

Now a dispute over that issue threatens to wreck marathon negotiations on a preliminary political framework for a future comprehensive deal that would end the 12-year standoff over Iran’s nuclear ambitions. The other major sticking point is Tehran’s demands to continue pursuing nuclear centrifuge research and development

Apr 1, 2015

Iran nuclear talks miss deadline; Russia says “key aspects” agreed

LAUSANNE, Switzerland, April 1 (Reuters) – Six world powers
and Iran missed a Tuesday deadline to reach an outline accord
reining in Tehran’s nuclear programme, extending talks into an
extra day as they edged toward a deal but failed to agree
crucial details such as the lifting of U.N. sanctions.

The negotiators ended talks in the Swiss city of Lausanne in
the early hours of Wednesday and said they would reconvene later
in the day, with Iran and Russia expressing optimism that an
initial agreement was within reach.

Apr 1, 2015

Iran nuclear talks miss deadline; U.S. threatens to walk away

LAUSANNE, Switzerland (Reuters) – Six world powers and Iran negotiated past a March 31 deadline into the wee hours of Wednesday, struggling to conclude an outline accord on Tehran’s nuclear program in the face of a U.S. threat to abandon the talks.

With Iran asserting its “nuclear rights”, the talks in the Swiss city of Lausanne entered a seventh day, bogged down this time on the issues of nuclear research, the lifting of U.N. sanctions and their restoration if Iran breached the agreement.

Mar 31, 2015

Iran, powers rush for nuclear deal as clock ticks toward deadline

LAUSANNE, Switzerland (Reuters) – Iran and six world powers ramped up the pace of negotiations on Tuesday ahead of a deadline for a preliminary nuclear deal that was less than 24 hours away, as both sides warned it was crucial to overcome differences that could wreck an agreement.

For nearly a week the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Russia and China have been trying to break an impasse in negotiations aimed at stopping Iran from having the capacity to develop a nuclear bomb, in exchange for an easing of international sanctions that are crippling its economy.

Mar 30, 2015

Iran, powers explore nuclear compromises, Israel alarmed

LAUSANNE, Switzerland (Reuters) – Iran and six world powers tried to break an impasse in nuclear negotiations on Sunday, but officials cautioned that attempts to reach a preliminary deal by a deadline in two days could yet fall apart.

The two sides explored compromises in areas including numbers of centrifuges used to enrich uranium that Iran could operate, and its nuclear enrichment work for medical research.

Mar 29, 2015

World powers intensify Iran nuclear talks, Israel hopes for failure

LAUSANNE, Switzerland, March 29 (Reuters) – World powers
intensified nuclear talks with Iran on Sunday, two days before a
deadline for reaching a framework deal, but Israel expressed
cautious hope the negotiations would collapse.

The foreign ministers of the United States, France and
Germany cancelled their travel plans for the next few days so
they can push for the accord that would lay the foundations for
a final settlement with Tehran by the end of June.

Mar 29, 2015

Kerry cancels trip in honor of Ted Kennedy as Iran talks intensify

LAUSANNE, Switzerland (Reuters) – U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry canceled plans to fly to Boston for a ceremony in honor of his late friend Edward Kennedy as talks on Iran’s nuclear program intensified in Switzerland, with two days left to a deadline.

Kerry’s spokeswoman said on Sunday he regretted missing the dedication ceremony for an institute named after the U.S. senator, who was a mentor to him.

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