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Oct 23, 2015

Palestinian factions call for ‘day of rage’, diplomats push on for peace

JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Palestinian factions called for mass rallies against Israel in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem in a “day of rage” on Friday, as world and regional powers pressed on with talks to try to end more than three weeks of bloodshed.

Hours after the announcements, a Palestinian stabbed and wounded an Israeli soldier in the West Bank, before being shot and wounded by other troops, the Israeli military said, part of a wave of violence that has killed around 60 people.

Oct 19, 2015

Wave of violence spells trouble for Israel’s ‘Mr Security’

JERUSALEM (Reuters) – The sound of a fist banging on a table came through sharp and clear as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, his anger captured on a leaked audio tape, berated his own party members for not having his back in confronting a Palestinian wave of attacks.

“I expect support from each and every one of you and not these games … Be leaders. Leaders do the right thing, don’t play games,” Netanyahu said at the closed meeting of his Likud faction last week, in the recording broadcast on Army Radio.

Oct 19, 2015

Eritrean mistaken for gunman killed in Israeli bus station attack

JERUSALEM (Reuters) – An Eritrean migrant, shot by a security guard and kicked by an angry Israeli crowd that mistook him for a gunman, was identified on Monday as one of the dead from an attack on a bus station in the southern city of Beersheba.

The Eritrean agricultural worker was named by his employer as Mila Abtum. In what some Israeli media described as a lynching, captured on amateur video on Sunday, the attack on Abtum underscored a mounting sense of panic and anger over a wave of Palestinian attacks that shows no sign of abating.

Oct 14, 2015

Israel sets up East Jerusalem roadblocks in bid to stem attacks

JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Israel began setting up roadblocks in Palestinian neighborhoods in East Jerusalem and deploying soldiers across the country on Wednesday to stop a wave of Palestinian knife attacks.

In the latest incident, a Palestinian stabbed and moderately wounded a 70-year-old woman outside Jerusalem’s central bus station, at the entrance to the city, before an officer shot him dead, a police spokeswoman said.

Oct 14, 2015

Surge in violence tests loyalties of Israeli Arabs

JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Israel’s leading Arab politician was in the middle of a television interview on a street in its biggest Arab city when the mayor, also an Arab, pulled up in his car and started shouting at him to leave.

With Palestinian knife attacks on the rise, the live TV encounter illustrated a conflict within Israel’s Arab minority between sympathy for Palestinian brethren in Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza, and concern over a Jewish backlash.

Oct 11, 2015

Israeli forces shoot dead five Palestinians as violence rages on

JERUSALEM/GAZA (Reuters) – Israeli security forces shot dead two Palestinians aged 12 and 15 in protests along Gaza’s border fence on Saturday, Palestinian medics said, and Israeli police said they had killed three Palestinian assailants in Jerusalem.

Eleven days of bloodshed in which four Israelis and 21 Palestinians, many of whom had carried out knife attacks, have been killed in Jerusalem, the Israeli-occupied West Bank, Gaza and Israeli cities have raised concerns that a new Palestinian uprising may be brewing.

Oct 10, 2015

Two dead in Jerusalem as Palestinian-Israeli violence rages on

JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Israeli security forces shot dead two Palestinians in East Jerusalem on Saturday, one of whom had stabbed two Israelis, police said, in a further wave of violence that has raised concerns about a new Palestinian uprising.

Police said two ultra-Orthodox Jewish men were wounded in the knife attack by a 16-year-old Palestinian near Jerusalem’s walled Old City. Earlier, paramilitary police shot dead a militant who had opened fire at them during late-night clashes at the Palestinian Shuafat refugee camp, police said.

Oct 8, 2015

Israel says Facebook, YouTube videos encouraging Palestinian attacks

JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Israel said on Thursday it had asked Facebook and YouTube to remove videos it says have been encouraging Palestinian violence against Israelis in the past week.

Four Israelis have been killed in Jerusalem and the occupied West Bank in the past week, and two Palestinians have been shot dead and scores injured in clashes with security services. Three suspected Palestinian assailants have been killed by police.

Oct 6, 2015

Israel razes homes of Palestinian militants in Jerusalem

JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Israeli forces destroyed the homes of two Palestinian militants and sealed off part of a third in Jerusalem on Tuesday, in a crackdown launched by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu after four Israelis were killed in Palestinian attacks.

Violence has intensified in East Jerusalem and the occupied West Bank in recent weeks, raising concerns of a wider escalation, though it has not yes reached the level of past Israeli-Palestinian confrontations.

Oct 3, 2015

Palestinian kills two in Jerusalem, then shot dead: police

JERUSALEM (Reuters) – A Palestinian man stabbed and killed two people in Jerusalem’s Old City on Saturday before police shot him dead, officers said, amid an uptick in violence in the city and occupied West Bank.

Palestinian militant group Islamic Jihad issued a statement claiming the attacker as one of its members.