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Jan 14, 2013

Settlers confident Israel will lurch rightwards in election

HEBRON, West Bank (Reuters) – Entrenched in what they view as their Biblical heartland, the hard-line Jewish settlers of Hebron look forward with delight to next week’s Israeli election.

Opinion polls forecast Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, already at odds with the world over Jewish settlement in the occupied West Bank, will easily win a third term in office, with coalition partners who could push him further to the right.

Jan 9, 2013

Right-wing millionaire is Israel campaign’s surprise star

JERUSALEM (Reuters) – A right-wing millionaire who says a Palestinian state would be suicide for Israel has emerged as the surprise success story of the country’s election campaign.

So much so that Naftali Bennett, a former aide to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who is said to have fallen out with his old boss, is now expected to face the Israeli leader across the cabinet table after the January 22 election.

Jan 3, 2013

Social protest leaders hope to shake up Israel ballot

TEL AVIV, Jan 3 (Reuters) – They are young and they are
driven. They got half a million Israelis out on the streets
demanding social justice. Now they want their votes.

The leaders of a grassroots social protest movement that
swept Israel in 2011 have shot to the top of a rejuvenated
Labour party that polls say will at least double its power in a
Jan. 22 general election that Prime Minister Benjamin
Netanyahu’s right-wing Likud is forecast to win.

Dec 19, 2012

Israeli PM vows to build in Jerusalem despite criticism

JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Wednesday his government would press ahead with expanding Jewish settlements around Jerusalem despite Western criticism of its plan to build 6,000 more homes in territory Palestinians seek for a state.

In addition to several thousand housing units approved earlier this month, Israeli media reported that initial approval was granted on Wednesday for construction of another 3,400 units in Jerusalem and in the West Bank.

Dec 14, 2012

Israeli foreign minister quits after indictment

JERUSALEM, Dec 14 (Reuters) – Israeli Foreign Minister
Avigdor Lieberman resigned on Friday after being charged with
fraud and breach of trust, a move that could impact on January’s
election which his party, merged with Prime Minister Benjamin
Netanyahu’s Likud, was tipped to win.

Israel’s Justice Ministry said on Thursday it would charge
Lieberman over alleged irregularities tied to the promotion of
an Israeli diplomat who had leaked him privileged information
about a police probe into his activities.

Dec 2, 2012

Netanyahu brushes off world condemnation of settlement plans

JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday brushed off world condemnation of Israel’s plans to expand Jewish settlements after the Palestinians won de facto U.N. recognition of statehood.

“We will carry on building in Jerusalem and in all the places that are on the map of Israel’s strategic interests,” a defiant Netanyahu said at the weekly cabinet meeting.

Nov 28, 2012

In Israel, some rebel against circumcision

JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Circumcision is one of Judaism’s most important laws and for generations of faithful it has symbolized a Biblical covenant with God.

But in Israel, more and more Jewish parents are saying no to the blade.

“It’s such a taboo in Israel and in Judaism,” said Gali, nursing her six-week-old son, about the decision not to have him circumcised.

Nov 23, 2012

Truce hits Netanyahu support but still set for poll win

JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Discontent over the ceasefire Benjamin Netanyahu struck with Hamas in Gaza has cost the Israeli prime minister support but he should still win a January 22 election, an opinion poll showed on Friday.

Maariv newspaper conducted the survey after an eight-day Israeli offensive against Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip ended on Wednesday with an Egyptian-mediated truce that Netanyahu’s critics said was premature.

Nov 20, 2012

World pressure for Gaza truce intensifies

GAZA/JERUSALEM, Nov 20 (Reuters) – The U.N. chief called for
an immediate ceasefire in the Gaza Strip on Tuesday and U.S.
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton headed to the region with a
message that escalation of the week-long conflict was in
nobody’s interest.

Nevertheless, Palestinian rocket fire and Israeli air
strikes continued for a seventh day.

Nov 20, 2012

Gaza truce pressure builds, Cairo in focus

GAZA/JERUSALEM (Reuters) – International pressure for a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip puts Egypt’s new Islamist president in the spotlight on Tuesday after a sixth day of Palestinian rocket fire and Israeli air strikes that have killed more than 100 people.

Israel’s leaders weighed the benefits and risks of sending tanks and infantry into the densely populated coastal enclave two months before an Israeli election, and indicated they would prefer a diplomatic path backed by world powers, including U.S. President Barack Obama, the European Union and Russia.