Brown gets helping hand from Obama

April 1, 2009

He loves the Queen and the British people. Truth be told, President Obama was always going to be a hit on his first overseas trip.

But Gordon Brown probably could not believe his luck. The prime minister just could not stop grinning as he stood next to the new president at a news conference in the Foreign Office ahead of the G20 summit.

He must have always been hoping for a bit of the Obama magic to rub off on him and revive his battered ratings but he can’t have expected the ringing endorsement he got.

Tony Blair and George W Bush. Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher. Britain has always liked to make much of the special relationship between it and America and any doubts it was in danger under Obama could be put to rest this week.

Obama looked on intently as Brown made his opening statement, referring to him by title.

But the formality dropped as soon as it was Obama’s turn, as he thanked his hosts “Gordon and Sarah” and said he had been discussing dinosaurs with their two sons.

The United States and United Kingdom have always stuck together, he said. That’s why he was pleased that his first overseas trip was to visit Brown.

Brown’s face immediately lit up. Soon he was calling the president “Barack”, joking that he was keen to introduce him to
his friends in the British press.

Even a question about Brown’s regular remark that the crisis was made in America passed without a hitch, as Obama readily accepted the United States had to share some of the blame.

Asked what advice he would give to Brown on winning an election, Obama said: “The only advice I would give him Gordon is the same advice I gave myself — good policies are good politics.”

But the presidential hand on Brown’s back as the two men left the podium may be the biggest helping hand of all.


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The best policy is to avoid Obama’s. The advise I would give PM Brown is to STOP THE SPENDING….

Posted by jake | Report as abusive

You get the feeling more and more that Obama is still riding on euphoria, and unfortunately it is all going to come crashing down in a wave of disallusion. Unfortunately too much hope has been burdened on his shoulders.

Posted by Andrew | Report as abusive

Would all you nay sayers just give the man a chance!! He’s trying! He’s barley been in office for two months and look at all he’s trying to accomplish!!! The bank breaker is our health care system and I believe he will overhaul that. Give him credit for his energy and enthusiasm and pray that all he hopes to do comes to pass and SUPPORT him instead of bad mouthing him. Ask “what can I do to help” instead of trash talking. Because it’s going to take ALL of the people of our nation working together, not just our government, to get us out of our problems today.

Posted by Darlene | Report as abusive

How pathetic.

Brown is little short of a traitor. To suggest that a hand on his back entitles him him to be forgiven is an outrage.

Posted by William Rodgers | Report as abusive

I cannot stand all this ‘look what he’s accomplished already’ business. HE HASN’T ACCOMPLISHED ANYTHING!

Posted by Jake | Report as abusive

We are all riding on the euphoria, look down, right now there is no net. President Obama has been forceful with GM and considerate with the Russias, all while spreading a much better view of America. He has my vote for “keeping it real”. I would not like to play against him and I think that our allies feel the same.

Posted by Scott | Report as abusive

The truth is that no one saw this coming and no one knows the solution. As i was always taught, bring me ‘solutions’ not ‘problems’. Lets all get behind the G20 (we have no real other choice). I admit i know less than little about most of the G20 topics discussed as i suspect do most people. Do we really believe a 20 yr old anti-globalisation protester has a clue as to the cause or to the remedy. Look on the positive things and hope that for the fist time in human history, we can put aside differences and lift the whole world!

Posted by Kevin | Report as abusive

Absolutely, we need to give our new president a chance and add positive energy, trusting in his leadership. It is refreshing to see how he leads with soul and his sense of “togetherness” for the World gives all peoples New Hope. I share in the excitement that is felt around the world as Barack Obama offers the change the world is waiting for.

Posted by Sally Hanna | Report as abusive

Why am I not surprised, when somebody this good comes along with good intent especially from a Black President, it is easy to shut him down. The Brits are very well known to be very pessimistic people thats why everything is going bad. You all should wake up for once and do something positive and embrace change.

The rest of us have accepted it and are already seeing the benefit why not the rest of us. Besides its too early to judge a man for somethinhg that was going on for years before he even became a senator..

Posted by jay | Report as abusive

President Obama has reversed and restored the damage done by George W. Bush, who is not only an embarrassment to the American people, but also to the human race. In fact, it would take decades – if not centuries – to recover the damages done by Bush!

The world must hold Bush and his Neo-con cronies responsible for the crises they’ve created.

Posted by Randy | Report as abusive

He hasn’t accomplished anything? I would say he has done more for this country in 2 months than Bush in 2 years. It’s obvious that you just don’t care for the man, and want to belittle anything he has done.

Posted by Sydney | Report as abusive

I am proud to have president Obama to represent us in the world stage. This is in extreme contrasts to the George W. Bush, who is an embarrassment not only to the American people but also to the human race!

Posted by Julia | Report as abusive

Jake…If you can smugly say Obama hasn’t accomplished anything then I do not know where you get your info. Maybe you should get your face out of the computer screen take a listen to what is actually going on in the world.
And please let’s stick together as a nation and not point fingers…at Obama or whoever started this mess to begin with.

Posted by Trace | Report as abusive

Mr. Obama is a great person. I have all the confidence in his ability to instil confidence in the capitalistic and noncapitalistic reaches of our country and the world; that’s what it’s all about anyway.

Posted by mark | Report as abusive