Global poll shows most worried about job security

June 3, 2009

The global recession may be showing signs of abating, but that hasn’t stopped the worldwide hand-wringing over job security. People across the globe are more worried now than they were six months ago about losing their job, and plenty more know someone who is no longer employed, according to a poll.

In the Ipsos/Reuters survey of 23,000 people in 23 countries, 53 percent named jobs and unemployment as their top concern — a 12-point increase in the past six months.  Nearly three-quarters said they know someone who has lost a job.

What worries are foremost on your mind?


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Notice how the Climate Change mania has switched places with Employment as the top consern? Anyone with a brain should have realized that we can’t attack the industries that are the golden geese that lay the golden eggs without causing those industries to shed off jobs and/or fail. Of course, people who have degrees in the environment don’t get their minors in economics!

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I never worry about losing my job. You can always find a new job or create one yourself if you’re flexible, willing to move and keep your skills up to date. What worries me more are the type of new jobs likely to be created. I do not want to minimize McJobs, but dead-end jobs that offer little in the way of either financial security, room to grow or long-term health and pension benefits do not seem to offer much to the average worker. And it is hard to thrive when others are struggling to survive. We never stood-up and took notice as blue collar manufacturing jobs disappeared in Rust Belt States and elsewhere, and now not only are white collar jobs disappearing, but the service jobs dependent on those higher paying jobs as well. We cannot all work for the government. Soon the word ‘career’ will be a foreign concept for many of today’s workers who lose good paying jobs and struggle to replace pensions and benefits with lower paying, short-term jobs.

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[…] Source: Ipsos/Reuters […]

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Sarah, Destroying the planet on which we all depend for our very lives and in particular our oxygen supply, and our water supply, doesn’t make any sense at any time. We must take care of our environment unless we figure “oh hey, what’s a little suicide?” No, Sarah.

Mother Earth is our Golden Goose.

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[…] Source: Ipsos/Reuters […]

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[…] think tank-less independents, are those numbers very alarming? An Ipsos/Reuters survey from June found that 80 percent of Americans knew someone who lost a job. A July Marist poll on New York state […]

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