Instant View: Good news, bad news from jobless numbers

September 4, 2009

Reuters columnist Agnes Crane breaks down the latest job report:


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These news reports are INSANE! Unemployment hits an all time high, and the government spins it as positve propaganda, because the rate of job loss has slowed. So this must mean the economy is improveing! And the market is up!
How can a 26 year high in unemployment be good news! Unbelieveable!!!

Posted by Dave G | Report as abusive

The household survey showed 390,000 in losses, thus the major jump in unemployment. Wages were up only due to the increase in min wage. This report is a trainwreck, think of the implications for loan defaults, credit card defaults, and weak retail. The spin masters doing well to keep a bid in the market.

Posted by shark89 | Report as abusive

Giving a homeless person a newspaper to use as a blanket, who is trying to get some sleep on a park bench, in the middle of the winter, is the same as the media telling everyone that the economy is making a a turn for the better.

Sure, if you want to be delusional and believe that, go right ahead. The cold reality remains, and unless we re-establish our manufacturing production, and keep the illegal aliens from sublimating America’s work force, we might as well go belly up and kiss our way of life, and our middle class goodbye. Notwithstanding, the Federal Reserve Bank, really is the delegating progenitor of this reality by doing what it does through the biggest rip off hoodwink that is far greater than being invaded from an enemy afar, INFLATION, and the worthless $100 bill. END THE FED before it is too late. Take back our country and our way of life.

Posted by Paul Revere | Report as abusive

Can somebody tell me as to where the next generation of well paying jobs will be? Are we all going to be waiters and cashiers?

Posted by tom s | Report as abusive

Where are these numbers coming from? I have my own business, I’m financially floating 10 of my 12 accounts so far. My mortgage company is so far floating me 2 months, it’s apparent at this point that the bottom is falling out… it’s really too weak to sustain. So when they say the unemployment rate of thus and such, from WHAT? What are they tracking? It’s the bottom that is falling not the sky! Better get another indicator other than unemployment… use bank leading indicators

Posted by Precursor Pilot | Report as abusive

“…Take back our country and way of life”

Pfft! HA! Yeah right. Mindless consumerism is the American way of life.

The country was bought and sold along time ago. Wake up and smell the reality.

Fat-butt Amerikan way of life go bye-bye.

This place is finished.

Posted by Abuka Fisches | Report as abusive