Graphic: GDP of the G20 Nations

September 22, 2009

The G20 is made up of the finance ministers and central bank governors of 19 countries and the European Union.


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The statistics are so old that someone needs to do their homework and update them. Australia, for instance, is at least $47,400 (2008).

Posted by Constant Cheng | Report as abusive

^Agreed. South Korea’s GDP per capita is definitely much higher than US$15,000, whether it be on a PPP or a nominal basis. The value should actually revolve around US$20,000 nominally (for PPP, it should actually significantly exceed US$20,000). Please update the figures. these seem like they’re almost a decade old.

Posted by Russell Krieger | Report as abusive

You guys are correct if you were basing the GDP calculations on each countries own CPI (Consumer Price Index; or any other index for that matter) but at the top of the graph in rather small text you’ll find that it’s based on the US dollar CPI. I think these stats are actually the newest available, they have been updated from the data listed in CIA World Factbook which is listed here and gathered 2008:  /the-world-factbook/fields/2004.html?co untryName=Australia&countryCode=as&regio nCode=au&#as

Posted by Sunflash | Report as abusive

If the data is from 2008 and is based on US$ then, indeed, the data is off. Just about every world currency has gained on the dollar in the past few months.

Posted by Bruce Ericson | Report as abusive

Check the CIA World Factbook, I looked at a few countries such as Australia for example and it seems that this chart is more updated, that is Australia has gained a higher GDP Per Capita based on US CPI’s. My guess is that this is the best estimate of a early 2009 data set. It’s not necessarily inaccurate.

Posted by Sunflash | Report as abusive

The legend said the data is from IMF, not from CIA factbook. Either way, the data is off.

Posted by Constant Cheng | Report as abusive

In order to become developed countries.China,India still have a long way to go!

Posted by qinwei | Report as abusive

Constant Cheng, perhaps I misunderstand. You are correct that this chart was based on the latest IMF data, the CIA World Factbook has the latest numbers from the year 2008. Comparing IMF 2009 data to CIAWF 2008 data you can see that indeed many countries have gained GDP Per Capita based on US PCI’s just as predicted in the 2009 year. How then is this chart inaccurate? Nobody has yet given any numbers, just their personal estimates based on who knows what. According to multiple data sets, the comparisons seem to point to this chart being rather accurate. If it’s based on IMF data than I’m sure it is accurate.

I see no evidence that this chart is inaccurate. Correct me if I’m wrong.

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