G20 live blog from Pittsburgh

September 24, 2009

Reuters will be live-blogging the G20 summit in Pittsburgh on Thursday and Friday. Our army of correspondents, equipped with Twitterberries and Flip cams, will be bringing you the latest on the economy, climate change and bank regulation.

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As a student here at the University of Pittsburgh, I would just like to say that I am appalled by the actions of the protesters. They have created a mess of our campus, chaos on the streets, disaster in neighborhoods, and for what? They have not made any sort of point. All they have done is prove their idiocy. No one will listen when you smash windows and use violence. Rather than use some sort of rational thinking these protesters have made a scene and gotten the reaction that any sane human being would give. If you push me, I’m going to push right back. You are not a martyr when you get arrested in this type of situation, you are destroying the property of someone else and endangering other human beings. The city was ready for this with police, SWAT, the National Guard, etc. here and in place. It was up to these protesters to prove that the city was wrong in their assumptions. The protesters were clearly not up to this task. So as a resident and a student, I really just have one thing to say, GET OUT. You’re a joke and you’ve done nothing but made a fool of yourself. Stop trashing the city and go home.

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It’s not all the protesters, unfortunately there is an anarchist group in there causing trouble, it seems there aren’t as many there today but more anti-war/ anti-global govt. groups there. The cops/military are taking things way too far with the sound cannons and storm trooper gear. This is like Nazi Germany

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As a student, you should realize that the term “protesters” is so vague as to be useless. On Thursday there were 12 peaceful protests, but they don’t get the coverage the few bad apples do.

I agree with you that the idiots who are trashing things should find a better way to express their opinions (which don’t seem to be very reasoned.) But let’s not forget it was Pitt students who trashed Forbes Ave much worse during the Superbowl victory celebration two years ago. Don’t blame it on “the protesters” when it is likely a mix of a few anarchists, a few students who will look for any excuse to misbehave, and the passivity of a crowd.

And don’t let that get in the way of saying something nice about the many, many protesters who are here to rightfully and peacefully express their (perhaps more reasoned) opinions. Thank them for taking the time out of their lives to use the wonderful right and privilege of free speech that we have in the U.S., especially because they believe they are “protesting” for a safer, better and more just world.

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For Attention: Barrack Obama, President of United States of America.

I think the world leaders in Pittsburgh should accomplish his homework, I mean my president, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, from Republik of Indonesia. The conflict in Aceh is not finish yet. There are still 3 (three) GAM Political Prisoners in Indonesian custody, at Cipinang Prison, Jakarta. They are: Teuku Ismuhadi Jafar, Irwan Ilyas and Ibrahim Hasan. It has been 4 years since MoU Helsinki was signed. Mou 3.1.2. clearly states that ‘Political prisoners and detainees held due to the conflict will be released UNCONDITIONALLY as soon as possible and not later than within 15 days of the signature of this MoU’… It is useless to invest in Aceh, i think there will be second civil war in Aceh if the prisoners is not release soon. Release them, Mr. President.

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