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If unemployment covered people while they were going to school or looking for work there would be a lot less unemployment. People bemoan the cost but fail to see that a person who is given the resources to retool and improve their skill set is an asset to the economy and turns into a tax paying contributor. We think nothing of giving billions to banking sector to keep it afloat because of its importance to the economy. Yet there IS NO ECONOMY without cash generating citizens. Unemployment should be changed to allow for coverage as long as a person is looking for work or going to school. You make investments where the investments make the most sense. The government is a public institution charged with serving the citizenry.

Unemployment benefits need to be extended and the system needs to be overhauled for its lack of efficiency poor customer service and horrendous turnaround times. I’ve known people who had to pull out their entire retirement savings just to survive the nearly five months it took for their unemployment claim to be processed and accepted. Investing in the citizenry is NOT wrong. It’s good business because its good FOR business.