Bernanke testifies before Congress

July 13, 2011

Live video coverage of this event has concluded. A video report on Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke’s semi-annual Congressional testimony on monetary policy is below and here is our story on highlights of Bernanke’s testimony.


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congressional testimony…

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blah blah blah…..this pig is wearing way to much lipstick. ben told us the bailouts would not cause inflation….wrong! ben told us the bailouts would lower the unemployment rate….wrong. now he wants to keep buying our own debt to artificially hold down interest rates…wrong.

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thank you ron paul

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Why tell us repeatedly the aggregate unemployment figures without breaking it down to the sectors primarily affected? The one is just bad news, with no solutions. The sector information points to the solutions. We don’t need to stimulate the wrong sectors. Also we need to focus on the goods producing sectors, not the wealth shifting sectors.

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Why are every Senator and some House members millionaires but yet their money accounts increase while tens of thousands families have their homes fore closed on, pensions of the elderly, unions, and such are drained? Wall Street dishonestly, with the deliberate aid of our government, is directly responsible for this state of affairs concerning our countries finances. Yet these same people have served no penalties nor incarnation for massive theft and fraud and still occupy their same positions in these companies and government. Now we are forced to hear comments that are political double speak that perpetuate this same policy, draws attention from our countries finances and who caused our present recession. Our country ‘loaned’ billions to multiple foreign banks, our domestic banks and financial institutions while the populations of The USA and other countries suffered. These same companies and banks have not returned what was agreed upon yet operate business as usual! Any theft that is over $500.00 is a felony yet the people and companies, government employees that were involved in this massive theft, trillions of OUR dollars, have not been held accountable and even have prospered! Outrageous and unacceptable! Especially for the fact that these crimes were committed right in front of us and because of these ‘peoples’ billions in assets, we the people, who in reality are the government, were powerless. YOU all will be held accountable! Your numbers of elitists are few; people here and around the world number in the billions who do not agree with you, the war mongers, manipulators of governments, and arms dealers, that benefit from the misery of peaceful people. People, take control of your governments, spread the wealth and enjoy the reality of LIVING upright. End of opinion and thanks for reading!

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