MacroScope presents: ask the economist

June 4, 2013

MacroScope is pleased to announce the launch of ‘Ask the Economist,’ which will give our readers an opportunity to directly ask questions of top experts in the field. We are honored that Michael Bryan, senior economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, has agreed to be our first guest. In his role, Bryan is responsible for organizing the Atlanta Fed’s monetary policy process. He was previously a vice president of research at the Cleveland Fed.

The process is simple. We give you a heads up on our upcoming featured economist. You tweet us your question using the hashtag #asktheeconomist, or via direct message if you prefer. We select a handful of the most interesting queries this week, ship them over to our economist du jour. She or he will then answer each one in writing and we will post their response as a blogpost. And of course, you’ll be cited for asking the pithy question.

We look forward to your questions and thank you in advance for participating.

Let the games begin.


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Wonderful idea. Got a question ready to go. But, like much on the Web these days, there is no way offered to actually follow up. How does one submit a question?

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Is there an index or measure of the total gross turnover in an economy? I am looking for something which includes every step in the production process, not just final goods, so it would be much larger than GDP. It would take into account all economic sectors without exclusion, so it must be larger than GNI. Another way to put it would be a measure of all cash flows through an economy in a time period. It would encompass the gross revenues of every firm, the gross incomes of every household and every transaction. My objective is to find the most complete and all-encompassing measure of economic transactions in an economy in a time period. Thank you

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