Davos Day Two — Rouhani, Lew and Lagarde

January 23, 2014

Day one in Davos showed the masters of the universe fretting about Sino-Japanese military tensions, the treacherous investment territory in some emerging markets and the risk of a lurch to the right in Europe at May’s parliamentary elections which could make reform of the bloc even harder.

Germany’s economic policy gamble

April 16, 2009

At first glance, Germany appears to be feeling the global economic downturn harder than many of its European peers: Industrial output fell by nearly a quarter on the year in February — taking a bigger hit than Britain, France and even Italy — and economists expect the economy to contract by as much as 7 percent this year.

Fire up the motor

April 2, 2009

People have suddenly started buying cars. At least that is the implication from recent data that has surprised markets and delighted economists scrutinising the garden for the oft-cited green shoots of recovery.