from Anatole Kaletsky:

Why Britain’s days as a haven of political, economic stability are numbered

November 21, 2014

Flares are let off as police stand guard while pro-union protestors clash with pro-independence protestors during a demonstration at George Square in Glasgow

For the past five years, Britain has been a haven of political and economic stability amid the turbulence in Europe. No longer.

A Very British Budget

March 21, 2012

Today we get the what could possibly be the most pre-spun British budget ever, though don’t rule out the traditional “rabbit from the hat” surprise so beloved of British finance ministers.

‘Ken Clarke for Chancellor’ is no joke

April 6, 2010

Ken Clarke shouldn’t underestimate how strongly the city economists polled by Reuters last week want to see him serve as Britain’s finance minister next term.

Good-bye to all that

January 6, 2009

Followers of the dismal science will note the passing of Sir Alan Walters on January 3. Walters was the controversial economist who advised Margaret Thatcher during what turned out — regardless of whether seen as good or bad — to be a revolution in matters both monetary and social.