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Miss me yet, Wall Street?

January 21, 2010

This picture was making the rounds on Wall Street on Thursday, after President Obama proposed limiting big banks'  financial risk-taking. Miss me yet, Wall Street?

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Pats’ Belichick played the right odds, Harvard economist says

November 17, 2009

belichik1Bill Belichick has been crucified metaphorically by many pundits and fans for his gamble late in a National Football League game against the unbeaten Indianapolis Colts, but one top economist says the coach many previously called a genius made the right decision Sunday even if it backfired on him.

Tremonti: Not so happy

October 11, 2008

The Group of Seven officially agreed on a joint “plan of action” at this weekend’s blockbuster meeting amid a global financial crisis. Since everyone signed the paper, you’d think they’re all happy with what is in it, right?