Japan’s ‘quadrillion’ feat

August 12, 2013

The age of the quadrillion is finally here.

After years of being stuck in millions, billions, trillions and other terms that usually come up short of twelve zeros, Japan has broken out, with its debt crossing the magical 15 zero barrier.

ECB rides to banks’ rescue with cash flood

June 24, 2009

Just a week after warning that euro zone banks will probably have to write off another $280 billion in bad loans and toxic assets over the next 18 months, the European Central Bank has ridden to their rescue by pouringĀ more than double that amount into bank coffers at a bargain-basement rate of just 1 percent.

from Global Investing:

Explaining the credit crisis

March 23, 2009

Los Angeles-based designer Jonathan Jarvis has created a great animated video explaining the credit crisis, produced as his part of his thesis at the Art Center College of Design: