Today in the euro zone – the elusive firewall

March 27, 2012

Conflicting pressures for the euro zone bond market today – a strong signal from Germany that it is willing to increase the firewall built around the currency bloc but ongoing concerns that Spain is being dragged into the mire.

Euro zone today – manning the defences

March 26, 2012

In euro zone terms, two themes will dominate the week: Spain and the size of the euro zone rescue fund (Italy’s labour reforms will play a supporting role).

Euro zone week ahead – Spain budgets and Italy labours

March 23, 2012

The first quarter winds to a close and, for most investors, it must have been a profitable one with stocks climbing and peripheral euro zone bond yields falling largely on the back of the European Central Bank’s efforts to pump prime the financial sector with a trillion new euros. Reuters’ asset allocation polls on Tuesday will look at whether there has been a significant pull-back from core government debt and the “risk on” trend can continue.

The euro zone today – strikes, reform and recession

March 22, 2012

The euro zone economy looks to have contracted at a faster pace in March, according to the latest purchasing managers’ data, hours after ECB President Mario Draghi declared the worst of the debt crisis to be over. A mild recession appears to be in prospect with the probable exception of Germany.

Today in the euro zone – Monti’s labours

March 20, 2012

The spotlight swings firmly on to Italy where Prime Minister Mario Monti is meeting trade unions and employers in an attempt to push through labour reforms which he hopes will galvanise the economy. The largest union has said a deal is “impossible” by an end-of-week deadline despite signs the government is watering down the  measures.

Today in the euro zone

March 19, 2012

Investors who bought Greek default insurance discover how much they will be paid today. Memories of the chaos that flowed from CDS payouts after the collapse of Lehmans mean there is a degree of nervousness but the signs are this will be nothing like as serious.

Today in the euro zone

March 14, 2012

The Greek bailout is done and Spain and the EU have struck a face-saving compromise over what deficit Madrid should aim for this year, so all is well with the world. That certainly seems to be the market mood this morning with safe haven German Bund futures opening sharply lower and European stock futures pointing to further gains.
In fact, the tone is more to do with the Federal Reserve, which sounded somewhat more upbeat about the U.S. economic outlook last night and said most banks (with the exception of Citi!) had passed tough stress tests, though it’s also true that there is nothing on the euro zone horizon today to spoil the party.

Today in the euro zone

March 13, 2012

Top billing of the day probably goes to Germany’s Merkel and Italy’s Monti meeting in Rome, though it is quite late in the day.  The Italian premier remains the austerity poster boy, in contrast to Spain’s Rajoy who was partially let off the hook by Brussels last night for abandoning his deficit target, though he was told to split the difference between the first target and his new, looser goal.