Growth not enough to ease inequality: Oxfam

January 19, 2012

Rising income inequality in rich nations has cast doubt on the old adage, often upheld by the economics profession, that a rising tide lifts all boats. A new report from Oxfam reinforces the notion that wealth does not trickle down of its own accord. The anti-poverty advocacy group says sometimes actively redistributive policies may be needed to address huge income gaps. It also says that, contrary to conventional economic thinking, such policies will directly contribute to better growth rather than impede it.

Duelling protests hit Huntsville as G8 kicks off

June 25, 2010

G8 host Huntsville has been a picture of quiet in the run-up to the summit, which kicked off on Friday. Reporters that have come up to cover potential protests have had little luck so far uncovering anything beyond bemused residents and hundreds of bored cops.

Oxfam to G8: Act now on global poverty, maternal health

June 24, 2010

He has starred in such blockbuster films as Pirates of the Caribbean, as well as the upcoming Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, but actor Bill Nighy’s heart is set on his real life role as an ambassador for Oxfam.