T2Doom and gloom is in no shortage in Ireland this week with “bailout boys” from the IMF descending on the capital and newspaper editorials mourning the end of Irish independence.

The opening of the 600 million-euro new terminal at the Dublin Airport today was somewhat also muted, despite the Dublin Airport Authorities’ best effort to splash.

Reporters invited to cover the event were given a lavish gift bag containing a box of chocolates, a mini bottle of champagne and a crystal and marble paperweight commemorating the opening of the T2.

Ryan Air CEO Michael O’Leary, a fierce critic of the T2, told reporters in Dublin earlier this week that the T2 — or what he calls a white elephant — was 12 months late, five times over budget, and  not needed.

“It is clear that the DAA’s…T2 is a turkey which Irish tourism doesn’t need this Christmas.”