So much for all this summitry

June 24, 2010

Toronto G20The following is a guest post by Marc Levinson, a senior fellow for international business at the Council on Foreign Relations. The opinions expressed are his own.

Scenes from a G20 protest, Day Two

September 25, 2009

Quite a contrast to the previous day. The permitted march in Pittsburgh was peaceful on Friday.

Pepper-gassed in Pittsburgh

September 25, 2009

I got my second dose of G20 pepper gas right outside my hotel.

After a long day following protesters and reporting on their clashes with police, I was exhausted. But just as I switched off the light in my hotel room I could hear the tell-tale sound of a Long Range Acoustic Device.

Instant View Video: The G20 communique

September 25, 2009

Reuters correspondent Emily Kaiser analyzes the G-20 draft communique.

Scenes from a G20 protest

September 25, 2009

Reuters reporter Michelle Nichols was on the scene for Thursday’s G20 protests. A note to the organizers of next year’s summit: You might want to lock up the dumpsters on wheels.

G20 live blog from Pittsburgh

September 24, 2009

Reuters will be live-blogging the G20 summit in Pittsburgh on Thursday and Friday. Our army of correspondents, equipped with Twitterberries and Flip cams, will be bringing you the latest on the economy, climate change and bank regulation.

Video: Ain’t no stopping this G20 jobs protest

September 21, 2009

Protesters in Pittsburgh ahead of the G20 meeting this week harnessed the legendary power of McFadden & Whitehead as they called on global leaders to do more to create jobs for the unemployed.