Protesters and police clash in Toronto

June 27, 2010

Hundreds of Canadian riot police, on foot, on horseback, and armed with round shields, rectangular shields and batons, brought an end to what some local bloggers are already calling the Mighty Stand at Queens Park after several hours on Saturday, pushing protesters that had dogged them for much of the day and throughout the city to a rout.

Protesters take to streets of Toronto

June 26, 2010

Protesters converged in the thousands on the streets of downtown Toronto on Friday to press demands that the Group of 20 industrialized and important emerging economies take more heed to the poor as they seek solutions to the global economic crisis.

How to spend $1 billion on G20 security

June 25, 2010

The question as to how Canada could possibly spend C$1 billion ($960 million) protecting world leaders for just three days becomes progressively easier to answer the longer you spend in southern Ontario, the central province where the Group of Eight and then the Group of 20 are meeting this weekend.

Prospects for the G20 summit

June 25, 2010

John Kirton is Director, G8 Research Group, Co-director, G20 Research Group, any views expressed are his own.

So much for all this summitry

June 24, 2010

Toronto G20The following is a guest post by Marc Levinson, a senior fellow for international business at the Council on Foreign Relations. The opinions expressed are his own.

Canada dresses up for bears

April 8, 2009

For all the designer drinks and gourmet foods – from raw oysters to sushi, and the sea of men in expensive suits and bejeweled women in elegant gowns, the setting seemed fit only for celebration.