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Apr 15, 2015

After 70 years, over 40 pct of Germans want closure on Nazi past

BERLIN, April 15 (Reuters) – Seventy years after the end of
World War Two, some 42 percent of Germans want to draw a line
under the Nazi past, a poll showed on Wednesday, as the nation’s
complex legacy continues to shape its international role and
domestic politics.

On the day that survivors of the Bergen-Belsen concentration
camp gather to mark the anniversary of its liberation, the Forsa
poll showed that 58 percent of Germans were unwilling to limit
or end their exposure to the history of the war.

Apr 12, 2015

Fight racist demons, top EU lawmaker says at Nazi camp ceremony

BERLIN (Reuters) – The head of the European Parliament implored citizens to fight the “demons” of racism and anti-Semitism that still haunt Europe in a speech to mark the liberation of Germany’s Buchenwald concentration camp 70 years ago.

Buchenwald, near the city of Weimar, was the biggest concentration camp on German soil. Set up by Hitler’s SS in 1937, it held more than 250,000 Jews, Roma, homosexuals and other people not tolerated by the Nazis. More than 56,000 people died there from torture, medical experiments and starvation.

Apr 8, 2015

Germany’s PEGIDA eyes political office with mayoral candidacy

BERLIN (Reuters) – Germany’s anti-Islam PEGIDA group called on supporters on Wednesday to back a defector from the eurosceptic AfD party running for mayor of Dresden in PEGIDA’s first shot at political office.

After drawing around 25,000 to weekly marches in the eastern city of Dresden at the height of its popularity in January, PEGIDA fell into disarray when leader Lutz Bachmann resigned after a photo of him posing as Hitler was published.

Apr 2, 2015

Germanwings pilot hid from doctors he was still flying

BERLIN (Reuters) – The Germanwings co-pilot suspected of deliberately crashing an airliner in the French Alps allegedly lied to doctors, telling them he was on sick leave rather than flying commercial planes, German daily Bild reported on Thursday.

The revelation came as Germany set up a task force to learn safety lessons from the crash which killed 150 people last week.

Mar 19, 2015

Pressure mounts on Merkel over Greek war reparations calls

BERLIN (Reuters) – Greek demands for billions of euros in reparations for the brutal Nazi occupation in World War Two may be falling on deaf ears in the German government, but some legal experts say Athens has grounds for a case.

The emotive issue is bound to come up when Alexis Tsipras visits Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin for the first time as prime minister on Monday, in an atmosphere poisoned by charges of broken promises and personal jibes between their ministers.

Mar 12, 2015

German court fines relatives for abducting gay Muslim

BERLIN, March 12 (Reuters) – A German court fined the father
and two uncles of an 18-year-old Muslim citizen for depriving
him of his personal freedom when he was a minor in an attempt,
the victim says, to force him into marriage with a woman despite
his homosexuality.

In a case highlighting the problems Germany faces in
integrating its four-million-strong Muslim community, Nasser
El-Ahmad, who has a Lebanese background, has also told German
media that his family tortured him for being gay.

Mar 11, 2015

Germany brushes off Greek calls for World War Two reparations

BERLIN (Reuters) – Germany dismissed Greek demands to pay World War Two reparations after leftist Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras accused Berlin of using legal tricks to avoid paying compensation for the Nazi occupation of his country.

Resurrecting the highly-charged issue has done little to soothe already strained German-Greek relations as Athens strives to persuade euro zone partners to renegotiate terms of a 240 billion euro bailout.

Mar 10, 2015

Germans outraged after far-right rally forces mayor’s resignation

BERLIN (Reuters) – Senior German politicians warned on Tuesday that basic freedoms were threatened after a mayor in an eastern town resigned saying local authorities had failed to stop a far-right protest outside his house.

Markus Nierth, the elected and unpaid mayor of Troeglitz, said on Monday he feared for his family’s safety after the National Democratic Party (NPD) announced the rally against his plans to house asylum seekers.

Mar 3, 2015

German pensioner needs drill to dig for Nazi-looted Amber Room

BERLIN (Reuters) – A pensioner has started digging in Germany’s western Ruhr region for the Amber Room, a priceless work of art looted by Nazis from the Soviet Union during World War Two and missing for 70 years, but says he needs a new drill to help him.

Dubbed the Eighth Wonder of the World, the Amber Room was an ornate chamber made of amber panels given to Czar Peter the Great by Prussia’s Friedrich Wilhelm I in 1716.

Feb 27, 2015
via FaithWorld

German Jewish leader warns against wearing skullcaps


(A man wearing a kippah waits for the start of a demonstration against anti-Semitism at Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate September 14, 2014. REUTERS/Thomas Peter)

Germany’s Jewish community leader has advised Jews not to wear skullcaps in areas with a large Muslim population, a warning that underscores fears about growing anti-Semitism in Europe.

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