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Apr 8, 2014

Germany ushers in renewable energy reform

BERLIN, April 8 (Reuters) – Chancellor Angela Merkel’s
cabinet approved on Tuesday a reform of Germany’s renewable
energy law designed to curb a rise in the cost of electricity in
Europe’s biggest economy driven by the rapid expansion of green

The reform will slow the growth of green energy, which
accounts for 25 percent of Germany’s electricity, and force new
investors in green power to take some risk.

Apr 2, 2014

Green groups say German energy reform painful, despite concessions

BERLIN (Reuters) – Green groups in Germany warned on Wednesday that plans to scale back subsidies for renewable power would slow down the country’s so-called ‘energy revolution’, saying last minute concessions to help wind farm companies were not enough.

The deal on concessions agreed by Chancellor Angela Merkel and regional politicians late on Tuesday cleared the way for Berlin to finalize a draft law on reducing the subsidies – legislation that is being closely watched on power markets.

Mar 30, 2014

Debate on Russian energy imports strains German coalition

BERLIN, March 30 (Reuters) – A debate over whether Germany
needs to rethink its energy strategy and reduce its dependence
on Russian gas imports due to the Ukraine crisis is causing
tensions within Chancellor Angela Merkel’s right-left coalition.

Some senior centre-left Social Democrats (SPD) have
questioned a remark by conservative Merkel that Europe’s biggest
economy, which imports some 35 percent of its gas from Russia,
would take another look at its energy policy amid the crisis.

Mar 25, 2014

Germany plans legal quotas for women on non-executive boards

BERLIN (Reuters) – More than 100 listed German companies will be required to allocate 30 percent of seats on their non-executive boards to women, under planned new laws which were dismissed by critics as tokenism.

Although Europe’s biggest economy has a female leader in Chancellor Angela Merkel, women are under-represented in business life.

Mar 20, 2014

Merkel says EU will hit Russia with economic sanctions if needed

BERLIN (Reuters) – European leaders will show they are ready to ramp up punitive measures against Russia, including politically sensitive economic sanctions, at a summit starting on Thursday, Chancellor Angela Merkel told the German parliament.

The German leader, who has in the last few weeks toughened her stance against Russia over its actions in Ukraine and the integration of the Crimea region, also indicated that the Group of Eight economic powers may expel Russia from the exclusive club.

Mar 13, 2014

Merkel warns Russia of “massive damage” if it persists

BERLIN, March 13 (Reuters) – Germany’s Angela Merkel warned
Moscow on Thursday that it risked “massive” political and
economic damage if it refused to change course on Ukraine,
saying Western leaders were united in their readiness to impose
sanctions on Russia if necessary.

The chancellor, using her strongest language since the start
of the crisis and removing any suspicion that Germany might seek
to avoid a confrontation with President Vladimir Putin, said his
actions would lead to “catastrophe” for Ukraine and much more.

Feb 26, 2014

Germany must scrap its green energy law, say experts

BERLIN, Feb 26 (Reuters) – A commission of experts appointed
by the German parliament has recommended Chancellor Angela
Merkel’s government to abolish all subsidies for green energy,
highlighting mounting opposition to plans to reform instead of
scrap the system.

Economy and Energy Minister Sigmar Gabriel is finalising
much-disputed changes to the Renewable Energy Law (EEG) which
includes reductions in subsidies for green energy before he
presents it to cabinet in early April.

Feb 4, 2014

Celebrity tax dodging prompts calls for crackdown in Germany

BERLIN, Feb 4 (Reuters) – Revelations that prominent Germans
have for years hoarded cash in secret bank accounts have
prompted calls from Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Social Democrat
(SPD) coalition partners for a clampdown on tax dodging.

Germany’s front pages have been dominated by in recent days
by public confessions from feminist activist Alice Schwarzer and
Berlin city’s Culture Minister Andre Schmitz about tax evasion.

Feb 2, 2014

German industry says energy reform plans threaten jobs

BERLIN (Reuters) – German industry has warned that the government’s new energy plans jeopardize jobs in Europe’s biggest economy, in particular a proposal to make firms that generate their own electricity pay charges to support renewable sources.

Social Democrat (SPD) Economy Minister and Vice-Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel has outlined a much-needed reform to a system of costly subsidies which has helped to fund a boom in green energy in Germany. He is now working on details.

Jan 29, 2014

Under Gabriel, Germany’s SPD sets the pace in Merkel coalition

BERLIN (Reuters) – Germany’s new vice chancellor Sigmar Gabriel has turned his Social Democrats (SPD) into a driving force in Berlin and so far stolen the headlines from his boss Angela Merkel, still hobbling on crutches after a skiing accident.

Determined to push through center-left policies in Europe’s biggest economy and boost the SPD’s chances of winning the next election in 2017, Gabriel and SPD ministers have set the agenda on issues from pensions to energy and foreign policy.

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