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Is there a climate conference going on?

December 7, 2009

Walking through the Copenhagen airport, it’s pretty much impossible to miss the signs that illustrate the city’s focus is squarely on the climate. Those signs, literally, are everywhere, with advertisements adorning the walls on the walk from the flight ramp through to baggage claim and off into the arrivals area.

Big companies from Siemens to Shell are making sure you know they care.

siemens pic


Those are nice, but to really get a message across the big conglomerates may want to contact the ad guy for Greenpeace and its NGO alliance. The environment group has plastered the airport walls with a campaign “to mobilize civil society and to galvanize public opinion” to help bring about a new climate deal. The ad series features unflattering photos of world leaders like Germany’s Angela Merkel (pictured in the ad below), President Obama,  and others beside this quote: “We could have stopped catastrophic climate change” followed by the subtext “We did … nothing”. Whether you agree with the group and the alliance of NGOs participating in the ad, you gotta admit it’s pretty striking.


There was another ad from Accenture that caught my eye as I strolled toward the baggage claim area, although it had nothing to do with the climate conference.  I just like irony:


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- Posted by uberVU – social comments

We shall soon see if Malthus was right. By 2025 3 billion of the worlds poorest people will have to relocate because rising sea water or desertification. I wonder if the industrialized nations attending the Copenhagen Summit recognize the threat to humanity and the planet that continued burning of fossil fuels present?

- Posted by george sabie

Why don’t we ever see reports from the other scientists on global warming. You know, the ones that can prove that global warming is a major over exaggeration and that the people of the world are being scammed by governments and private industries?

- Posted by David Palazola

Long has the people pay the costs, the sky will stop falling…aye

- Posted by Robert Beal

What are the ads for? Are these the companies from which we will be “buying green? Can green be bought?

Marketing ploy. Global Warming/Climate Farce perpetrated by people who have/will benefit from the profits of companies forced upon the public mandating what we buy. Nobel Prize winners INDEED! “Global Climate Change!?” (The climate changes everyday with the rising and setting of the sun!)

This is about control of the masses and the diminishment of the greatest nation on the earth…That nation, built upon the God-fearing moral foundations and acknowledgment of God the Almighty from whom all blessings flow.

People from all walks of life looking to live better lives flock to it for the cause of freedom. Freedom to worship, to work, to raise families, to learn and grow, to prosper! To life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.


Stop the Robin Hood mentality. It is unsustainable in perpetuity.

- Posted by Also Skeptical

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