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Africans protest COP15, say “process manipulated”

December 8, 2009

In the most heated protest of these early days at COP15 in Copenhagen, African representatives accused the political leaders of the developed world of hijacking the conference to the detriment of developing nations.

The marchers said the process of the talks had been manipulated by the developed world’s political leaders to impose on Africans a deal that won’t benefit them.

Augustine Njmanshi, of Christian Aid, said Africans were suffering and would “not die in silence.”

He added: “$10 billion is not enough to buy the coffins to bury us with.”

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This anger over a process and document. Imagine what it will be when real consequences of climate change affect large populations at risk. Current U.S. climate change debate as political sport and parlor game will seem what they are — childish and arrogant.

- Posted by Don B.

The less-developed countries have a point and not an abundant amount of power in these climate negotiations.

The only real power they have is moral – basically exposing the kinds of impacts that are going to be visited upon them and the sense of culpability the industrialized nations feel for it.

Civil disobedience is the best way to exercise this power. While it was disruptive, it seems to have been effective.

- Posted by James Lloyd

See,now only is a last chance to do something at COP15.Poor are going to loose heavily for all that has been done by the affluent so far, may be knowingly or unconcerndly.But now after knowing all this situation of the Earth Rich must come out to help poor with zeal and commitment.In a way it is going to pay them back.I think it is only time now to search individuals heart and do and support the cause.

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