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Youth get in bed together on Lennon anniversary

December 8, 2009

youth lennonIt was 29 years ago today that a lone gunman assassinated John Lennon and the anniversary was the spur behindĀ  a youth “bed in” at the COP15 conference center.

Socres of young folks from around the world used the day to remember Lennon’s famous bed-in protest of the Vietnam War and to put their own spin on it. They pulled on their P.J.s, pulled out their pillows and protest signs and got in “bed” together to perform a rendition of Lennon’s iconic Give Peace a Chance, remaking the lyrics to reflect their climate concerns.

An example: “All we are saying, is give youth a chance/All we are saying, is cut greenhouse gas.”

“Youth have a voice and a lot of power,” said Canadian Amber Church, National Director for the Canadian Youth Climate Coalition, one of the groups participating in the action.

“This is the Vietman of our generation,” she said.

Here’s a video of the group singing their rendition of Give Peace a Chance:


Finally Youth, thank you.

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Sorry to say, but the youth of today have little to no concept of what actual social activism is. Period. Comparing their actions to the actions of people in the 1960′s is insulting to the memory of the latter. This is cute, but driven by 90% “The Beatles are awesome,” and 10% “Let’s actually do something about world issues, for more than a day.”

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Isn’t it great that the majority of youth in Canada don’t understand what climate change is all about, it is about greed and money. Of course the United Nations dismisses the e-mails of corruption that have been recently uncovered, as the UN will benifit in taxes from thousands of billions of dollars on a percentage collected of GNP from Canada and other Western Powers (what a scam). The UN is not elected and will decide how your money is spent, remember you (the students) will have to pay for this. Al Gore left office with 2 million dollars in 2006 and is now worth over a $100,000,000 million due to his rhetoric and theatrics on climate change. Think about it, the Earth has been cooling for the past 10 years. I would suggest you ask the questions and not listen to the propaganda, but follow the money trail. If your ready to commit to mortgaging your future, I would at least ask the questions.

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Just another confirmation that John Lennon is a legend.




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