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Feb 22, 2014

Mexican drug kingpin Guzman captured in Mexico: sources

WASHINGTON/MEXICO CITY (Reuters) – Mexico’s most wanted man, drug kingpin Joaquin “Shorty” Guzman, has been captured in Mexico by U.S. and Mexican law enforcement officials, sources said on Saturday, in what would mark a major coup in a grisly fight against drug gangs.

A U.S. government source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said Guzman had been captured, without elaborating. A Mexican security source confirmed the capture, saying it took place in Mazatlan, a seaside resort in Guzman’s northwestern home state of Sinaloa.

Feb 20, 2014

Latest shoe bomb threat linked to al-Qaeda’s Yemen affiliate

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The latest warning to airlines about shoe-bomb threats is a product of heightened U.S. concern about al-Qaeda’s Yemen-based affiliate, whose leaders include a technically-savvy bombmaker, U.S. security sources said on Thursday.

U.S. Homeland Security authorities on Wednesday issued a new warning about shoe bombs to airlines which fly from overseas to the United States out of concern that Ibrahim Hassan al-Asiri, a Saudi believed to have been behind failed plots to attack airliners with explosives hidden in shoes or clothing, may have come up with new bomb design innovations to evade airport security measures, the sources said.

Feb 19, 2014

U.S. issues warning about shoe bombs on airplanes bound for U.S.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. authorities issued a warning on Wednesday to airlines flying to the United States to watch out for militants who may have hidden bombs in their shoes, U.S. government sources said.

The warning came from the Department of Homeland Security, the sources said, and it is consistent with concerns security agencies have about militants trying to smuggle explosives onto airplanes in shoes, cosmetics or liquids.

Feb 19, 2014

For Ukraine rivals, no let up in Washington lobbying

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Three prominent Washington, D.C. lobbying outfits, representing rival political factions in Ukraine, continued lobbying for their Ukrainian clients through the last quarter of 2013, the most recent reports filed recently with Congress show.

Two of the companies, the Washington-based Podesta Group Inc and the Mercury public relations firm, have been registered with Congress for the last two years as lobbyists for the European Centre for a Modern Ukraine, a Brussels group whose financial backing is obscure.

Feb 13, 2014

NSA memo confirms Snowden scammed passwords from colleagues

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A National Security Agency civilian employee resigned last month after telling the FBI he had inadvertently let former contractor Edward Snowden use his password to access information he was not authorized to see, according to a NSA memo sent to Congress.

The NSA told the Senate Judiciary Committee in the memo that two other workers affiliated with the NSA, including an active duty military member and an unidentified contractor, had also been “implicated” in the matter.

Feb 11, 2014

Hillary Clinton faces new barrage from the right over Benghazi

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Establishment Republicans and a right-wing group of former spies and special forces operatives that says it is nonpartisan but has historical Republican ties are raising a ruckus over Hillary Rodham Clinton’s handling of the 2012 assault on U.S. installations in Benghazi, Libya.

The criticism of Clinton over the deadly attacks appears to be a preview of what the former secretary of state can expect should she pursue a presidential bid in 2016.

Feb 7, 2014

Leaked call on Ukraine made on unencrypted cellphones: U.S. officials

By Mark Hosenball

(Reuters) – A senior U.S. State Department officer and the ambassador to Ukraine apparently used unencrypted cellphones for a call about political developments in Ukraine that was leaked and touched off an international furor, U.S. officials said in Washington on Friday.

In the call, Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland used an expletive in apparently disparaging the idea of relying on help from the European Union in negotiating a political solution in Ukraine.

Feb 6, 2014

U.S., European security officials worry about Sochi-related attacks

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Intelligence agencies believe attacks by militants during the Sochi Winter Olympics are highly likely, but will probably be aimed at “softer” targets elsewhere in Russia, such as public transportation or other civilian venues, U.S. and European officials said.

Several U.S. and European security officials said that last-minute intelligence reports about possible Olympics-related attacks have continued to flow into Western agencies and that U.S. and European agencies take them very seriously.

Feb 6, 2014

Target vendor says hackers breached data link used for billing

WEDNESDAY, Feb 6 (Reuters) – The Target Corp hackers
managed to break into its payments network by first breaching a
“data connection” between the U.S. retailer and its heating and
ventilation systems contractor, a representative for the
contractor said on Thursday.

The data connection was used by the vendor, Fazio Mechanical
Services, to bill Target and exchange contract and project
management information with the retailer, according to Dick
Roberts, a public relations representative for Fazio.

Feb 5, 2014

U.S. Secret Service visits refrigeration company in Target probe

WASHINGTON/NEW YORK, Feb 5 (Reuters) – The U.S. Secret
Service visited the office of a Pennsylvania-based refrigeration
contractor, Fazio Mechanical Services, in connection with an
investigation of the Target Corp consumer data breach, a
spokesman for the agency said on Wednesday.

Fazio is the largest refrigeration contractor in the Western
Pennsylvania region, and Target is one of its clients, according
to the Sharpsburg-based company’s website.