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Jan 15, 2012

Reuters Soccer blog merges with Left Field

Dear readers,

The Reuters Soccer blog is merging with our sister site, Left Field — Reuters’ global sports analysis and opinion page.

In future please head to Left Field for all sports blogs including soccer articles.

Dec 11, 2011

Real’s psychological barrier key to Barca’s 3-1 win

By Drazen Jorgic

Annoyingly for Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho, the supposed plot line of  El Clasico on Saturday did not follow the script. The much-anticipated power shift from Catalunya to Madrid did not take place and his team are back to the drawing board as far as playing against Barcelona is concerned.

Mourinho blamed bad luck for the loss, as you would expect, but a lot of the press have zoomed in on Real’s psychological barrier when it comes to facing Barca.