$1.65 billion? You(Tube)’d giggle too

October 10, 2006

YouTube Founders Steve Chen and Chad HurleyJackpot, Dude!  

Ok, that’s not exactly what twentysomething YouTube founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen say on this giggly video-love-letter to their users, on –what else, YouTube — hours after announcing that Google would buy YouTube for $1.65 billion. 

The deal will likely yield a payday of millions for the fresh-faced duo, and brings Google’s considerable muscle on board to help fight any possible legal challenges from media outfits angered by the plethora of copyrighted content that populates YouTube.


Standing outside what looks like a mall restaurant (one user commented: “are you really celebrating outside TGI Fridays?”), the creators of the not-yet-two-years-old site can hardly contain their glee as they promise to improve the site so users can “keep having fun.” 

Oddly enough, the more than 1700 comments on the page range from kudos to complaints, and more than a few are snarky obituaries of the site. One user named “quitbugginme” says: “Goodbye then, YT. It has been a great time. Swallowed by the number one evil of the WWW today, the ubiquitous, data-gathering (and I don’t mean the legitimate kind), censoring mega-monopolist Google – that’s a dark fate. It was fun while it lasted. Goodbye now.” 
Read Reuters Interview with Chad Hurley here.


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