Reviewers say ‘Halo 3′ is great, mostly

September 24, 2007

The reviews for Halo 3 are in and most critics agree that the game is one of the best on the market, in the same league as other recent hits like “BioShock” and “Gears of War.”

Here is a sample of reviews by gaming Web sites and publications: 5 stars out of 5

In a lot of ways, this review is merely a formality, because there’s no doubt in our minds that everyone with a 360 and a hunger for vicious multiplayer should own Halo 3 immediately. In fact, there are probably millions of people who do not yet own 360s that should go out and buy them just so they can witness the majesty that is a furious Halo 3 multiplayer match (provided they enjoy serious competition).

Quite simply, Halo 3 is the reason the Xbox 360 exists.

– 9.5 out of 10

All you really need to know if you’re on the fence about Halo 3‘s campaign is that it’s a delicate balancing act that manages to provide satisfying closure for the trilogy, make perfect sense of all the cryptic events in Halo 2, and leave you filled with anticipation for more adventures set in the Halo universe. Not bad for a game that will take most players between 10 and 15 hours to finish on one of four difficulty settings. 10 out of 10

It’s hard to imagine a feature of this game that someone won’t love … Or you can just look at it as a sum of so many quality parts, that value-wise, Halo 3 is as sure a thing as it gets. Sure, no one aspect of the game is life-changing on its own, but perhaps the package as a whole is.

Where Halo 3 is likely to be criticized is in its distinct Haloness. This is not the Xbox 360’s graphical showcase, falling short of benchmarks set by Gears of War last year, and more recently BioShock. Bungie has never (overtly) shot for this goal, but as the top billing in this year’s remarkably rich end-of-year games lineup, mainstream consumerism is always going to judge prettiness first, performance second.

I’ve always held that one of the things that attracts fans of Halo to the game is its plot and characters. While Halo 3 does deliver on its promise to wrap things up, I found the plot a bit too convoluted to either follow or really care about.

(Photo from, Microsoft’s official Xbox site)


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Instresting how everyone is down on the graphics in halo. I feel people have failed to mention that people are comparing this to games that utilise the unreal engine. Bioshock and Gears are a marvel to look at; but are designed for close quaters and for that it is as good as it gets. A halo game could not be made with this engine because it would in turn lose everything that makes halo great; It’s scale, It’s physics and It’s stable framerate.

Posted by philiphallam | Report as abusive

halo 3 better than gears or bio shock it got real far with “live” but not to far with campaign if i dont see master cheif die then im going to be P/O because thats how i would end the trilogy why keep him alive if if theres going to be no HALO 4!

Posted by sebastian | Report as abusive

Well said Philip. Your right in the case of using the differemt engines in different environments but you have to look at it all. there are points where your in gears and its kind of an open terrain, and alltho i havent seen or played Bioshock yet there are more chances that its the same way then not. but it all comes down to that Bungie made their own engine on this game. they started from the ground up for the 360 since the xbox is now obsolete. they not so simply couldve made it look better but being in the time frame they were on they would have to rob peter to pay paul. no i would rather it that peter and paul got the same amount(gameplay, storyline, Physics, graphics,etc…) but i mean noone has that kind of time. they i promise did the best they could to end the halo trilogy with a bang.

Posted by Christian Esparza | Report as abusive

Yeah, the graphics are lesser, the action more intence adn the sand box, reality. You can explore, you can wage epic battles and yes you can beat the graphics with those other titles. I often wonder, did any one feel Gears was downright restrictive, made for those who who are ready and willing to completely follow the set course of the game, I think so. Halo = Freedom…Freedom to do what you want and freedom from replayability, maybe I am a fanatic, but that guys piont above was so dead on.

Posted by Daniel | Report as abusive

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My son has not stopped playing since he got it. I am no game pro but the graphics look great, the sound is great and I may even have to sneek into his room and give it a try.

Posted by OD Bigg Dogg | Report as abusive

what is going to happen to halo 4 is it going to be on the xbox 360 or the computer and don’t get me wrong there is going to be a halo 4. but when mir and bung broke up I don’t know
what is going to happen to halo?

Posted by Shadows of Dark/ XBOX LIVE | Report as abusive