Microsoft, Sony, Blockbuster to join Facebook on stage

November 6, 2007

zuckerberg2.jpgFacebook opened its doors to its highly anticipated advertising event in New York City. There are about 200 members of the advertising community in attendance in a small loft space in Midtown Manhattan. Here, they are expected to announce partnerships that will allow marketers to advertise directly to users based on their habits. Users will need to give Facebook permission to show their online purchasing behavior on their profile page.

We’ve got a copy of the agenda, which has Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg addressing the crowd at 2:30 pm EDT. Other speakers include Kevin Johnson, president of Microsoft’s platforms and services, Blockbuster CEO Jim Keyes, president of Sony Pictures Television Steve Mosko, as well as digital marketing execs from Verizon Wireless and Coca Cola.

More to come …

Update: One source familiar with the plans tells us Facebook will be announcing partnerships with leading online media and retail sites to create links between users’ Web behavior and their personal profile pages. Facebook declined comment.

Update: Zuckerberg speaking now. Facebook has already reached the 50 million user mark two months ahead of the company’s expectations.

Zuckerberg said the company’s advertising startegy is “based on getting into the conversations that are already happening between people … Nothing interests a person more than recommendation from a trusted friend.”

Update: The new system, called “Facebook Ads,” will let advertisers build profile pages on Facebook and introduce ads on users’s personal pages basd on their Web behavior. Users can opt to have their online behavior including sites they have visited and products they have purchased appear as a line in their profile’s news feed.

Facebook announced partnerships with eBay, Blockbuster, CBS, Chase, The Coca-Cola Company, Sony Pictures and Verizon. Other brands and companies launching with Facebook Ads include CondéNet ( and, Crest Whitestrips, Dove Cream Oils, Herbal Essences, The New York Times Co., and Saturn.

Also check Silicon Alley Insider’s ongoing coverage here.

(Photo: Reuters/Zuckerberg at Web 2.0 in October)


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What’s really going to be interesting to observe in the next few years is the Gphone makes all media more ubiquitous. That can benefit both consumers and investors. The NewsVisual article on Google’s Open Handset Alliance 7/11/google-and-moto.html implies that it’s really personal connections among business leaders that determine future success in the competitive marketplace. But consumers can also benefit from the new products those alliances spawn.

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bingo — from NHS UK to Sony – everybody seems to be keen on integrating facebook — perhaps, it may have revenue in B2B than B2C

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[…] But what they’re doing is mixing demand-creation with informational. In the Facebook Ads announcement today: Zuckerberg said the company’s advertising startegy is “based on getting into the […]

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